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  1. Steve Enna really enjoyed listening to the block. Nothing new I’ve been a truly good to hear you express yourself so clearly. Truly enjoyed it.

    Jerry Engel 415.710.7453

  2. Many thanks Steve. I believe you suggest (and mention in this podcast) that a startup or corporate innovation initiative should continue searching (or at least validation) until the innovation / product / service has been successfully scale and/or integrated into the regular corporate execution processes. Unfortunately, I see many startups and corporate innovation initiatives that seem to think of Lean Startup and Customer Development as something that is done for the first few weeks or, at max, in an accelerator over a few months. After that the quickly jump back into traditional product engineering (if they ever really did build MVPs), product management, marketing and sales execution. How can we (if we should) get them to defer full-on execution mode until there’s successful scaling and they can enter Company Creation (or hand it all over to the execution side of the organisation)?

  3. Thank you for the great podcast Steve!

    I learned very interesting things I should have know before starting my company.

    From my experience it is very important during product development to work with your customer together (not just in mind). Otherwise the product will just stay a singe-mind project and great innovation only comes when several minds work together!

    So why not use your leads or test customers to develop a product that is truly disruptive and innovative?

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