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In 1976 Saul Steinberg created the March 29th cover of the New Yorker and created a visual meme of a city who was completely self-absorbed.

Kirby Scudder, a neighbor on the California coast just did a poster of the view of Palo Alto as the center of universe.

Palo Alto poster Kirby has done several of these city posters here.  I thought it was a fun poster given its unique vantage point from the Pacific Ocean looking towards San Francisco Bay.

I was wondering where our ranch would be on the map until I looked closer.

K&S Ranch has been memorialized on the poster!




The Four Steps to the Epiphany is Now in French

The Four Steps to the Epiphany (Les quatre étapes vers l’épiphanie) is now available in French.

Order it from the Bookediton.com  (Search for Les quatre étapes vers l’épiphanie)

Thanks to Antoine Bruyns for making the French version happen.

It joins the Japanese version (アントレプレナーの教科書 [単行本(ソフトカバー)available on Amazon.
Thanks to Tsutsumi Takashi for making it happen in Japanese.

Collect the set!

Now Hear This

Much like my career, in the last two years this blog has traveled a serendipitous path. I orignally wrote it with four goals in mind:

  • First, to explain to my kids, then just graduating from High School, stories about their dad’s life when he was their age. And with the 30-year statute of limitations now passed, stories about who I worked for (and the names of agencies.)
  • Second, to share how my how my thinking about entrepreneurship as a distinct practice and how Customer Development as one of its central components has evolved over the last decade.
  • Third, to share both thinking and practice as I learned how to teach entrepreneurs (the way one teaches artists and musicians.)
  • Fourth, as a public official in the State of California, to offer a window on how public policy on California Coastal protection gets made. The Coastal stories are going to have to wait until I’m no longer a public official. (With Jerry Brown as our new governor I’m up for reappointment so you might get to hear the stories soon, or may have to wait a bit longer.)

On my first day as a blogger I got 20 views. Now I’ve had days with 20 viewers per minute. So Happy New Year to my 100,000-plus monthly readers throughout the world, and to many more who read my posts via some of the most important media in the startup/tech/entrepreneurship world, in more languages and places than I can keep track of.

Now Hear This
For 2011, I’m glad to announce that you can now hear my blog posts via a podcast that you can subscribe to, download or have emailed to you a few days after each blog post goes live. An innovative entrepreneur put his company to work delivering the podcasts with his compliments. Marcos Polanco, founder of Clearshore and himself a serial entrepreneur, “never found time to read the blog, no matter how much I loved it. “I told Steve” said Marcus, “in true hacker fashion, I was too lazy to read his blog, and I figured others must be in the same spot, so I proposed to turn the blog into a podcast instead.”

Marcos has agreed that the list of podcast subscribers will never be rented, sold or traded to anyone (same goes with our own email list). His big payoff from this effort is the chance to put a few lines of copy about his latest venture, Clearshore, at the bottom of each podcast link email. Clearshore is a “matchmaker” that helps small businesses get their fair share of the $60-billion US government budget for R&D and innovation. Today, startups receive only 4% of those funds, something Clearshore–now in the customer discovery phase–is out to change.

To add your email to the free podcast alert service, click here.

Listen to the post here: Download the Podcast here

Happy Holidays

On Vacation until the New Year. Have have a happy holiday.

Penguin in Patagonia


On The Road

I’ve been traveling –  New York/Cairo/Tel Aviv – for the last three weeks.

Posts will resume in July.

Egyptian Fallujah on the nile at Luxor

On Blog Vacation

I’m off the web for the next week or so.  I’m in a place with no cell or internet coverage.

Back blogging by the end of March.


Out Hiking

No posts until January.  Time off for the holidays, out hiking at the ranch and getting ready for Stanford (E-145 and MS&E 178/278) and Berkeley (MBA 295) classes.

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