K&S Ranch

In 1976 Saul Steinberg created the March 29th cover of the New Yorker and created a visual meme of a city who was completely self-absorbed.

Kirby Scudder, a neighbor on the California coast just did a poster of the view of Palo Alto as the center of universe.

Palo Alto poster Kirby has done several of these city posters here.  I thought it was a fun poster given its unique vantage point from the Pacific Ocean looking towards San Francisco Bay.

I was wondering where our ranch would be on the map until I looked closer.

K&S Ranch has been memorialized on the poster!




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  3. Love this; thanks.

  4. Thanks for sharing and glad to see Kirby is still making maps! I had his Santa Cruz map hanging on the door at my office for years and it always got a lot of attention from visitors. So great that he included the ranch on it!

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