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  1. Love this

  2. This is as insightful as it is profound.

  3. Yessss. Follow up blanket statement: You must assume calculated risks to innovate and accept the consequences of the success or failure of taking said risk. Keep em coming Professor, you are doing great!

  4. Awesome quote

  5. Just great you quote. Thanks Steve.

  6. Great!!!!!

  7. Love it

  8. one of the profound quote! love it.

  9. This might be akin to “lay your treasures in heaven…..” {innovation vault} and other things will follow.

  10. LOVE IT!

  11. Great!
    The question is when to do what?
    Each has its own cost!

  12. Of course, (disruptive) innovation is also very risky, so don’t count on it paying your pension, but it would be a great way to retire.

  13. Pension? What is a pension?

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