The State of Entrepreneurship

Co-founder magazine just interviewed me about the current state of entrepreneurship – in startups and large companies – and how we got here. I thought they did a good job of capturing my thoughts.

Take a read here.

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  1. Hi Steve

    I am not only inspired by your work but it defines what we do everyday. I am scheduled to attend the inBia 2018 in Dallas and would be such an honor to meet with you whilst in the Usa.

    Warm regards

    Hilton Theunissen MD | South Africa | |

  2. You are correct, sir! This interview is the BEST encapsulation if lean methodology I’ve ever reade Kudos!

    Clinton E. Day, MBA


  3. Excellent article!
    Steve, I realize that you’ve taught in Finland (Helsinki Spring, 2011), but have you ever had the occasion to cross the Baltic and visit Estonia? It’s well worth the short ferry ride… their startup energy has to be seen to be believed!

    • Yes, visited Tallinn when I was in Helsinki.

      • I’m happy to say that our youngest daughter had the opportunity to hear you lecture — and even meet with you briefly — in Helsinki seven years ago; she was quite impressed (naturally). Semper Fi!

  4. Steve – aside from the appreciation of being on your distribution list and receiving your breakthrough articles and material – we are unknown quantities to each other. This particular article (from the interview) hit home. Being a long-term, High Tech’er – and running an Innovative Market Programs firm – which must put continuous innovation to practice – or we wither & die – your key points float our boat. You also referenced Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality – and we have a West Coast Tech Client – that specializes in 3-D Animation/VR/AR – directed to training and development programs – providing this to maintenance technicians to support the Raytheon Patriot Missile Program, for example. Like your perspectives and know that your quest to help the world learn and then apply your practices – will eventually be fully accepted/adopted – no different than some of the High Tech Cycles – we have both experienced – with breakthrough and disruptive technologies. Continued Good Hunting! Ed Hennessy Author: Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors

  5. Such a great interview!

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