We Have A Moral Obligation

I was in Boston and was interviewed by The Growth Show about my current thinking about innovation in companies and government agencies.The interviewer was great and managed to get me to summarize several years of learning in one podcast.

It’s worth a listen.

At the end of the interview I got surprised by a great question – “What’s the Problem that Still Haunts You?”  I wasn’t really prepared for the question but gave the best answer I could on the fly.

Part of the answer is the title of this blog post.

Listen to the entire interview here:
Taking the Lean Startup From Silicon Valley to Corporations and the State and Defense Department

Or just parts of the interview:
1:20  Failure and Lessons Learned

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  1. Thanks for this Steve, I was asked the same question yesterday and as an educator my response was ‘assess what matters in learning, not just that which is easily measured and contrasted’. My Uni has just been recognised as one of the UK’s leaders in spin out grad business survival, number 3 in overall numbers, but I suspect we might be number 1 if we say ‘per capita’. Students are really influenced by their grades, so why not grade them on things like opportunity spotting and evidence of being flexible and adaptable in order to pivot successfully? Bottom line, that is all we have done really.

  2. As always Steve you lift the spirits, pushing us all to make one further step

  3. Thanks for posing a great question to us all Steve and for a super helpful list of links for jumping to topics – wish everyone did this when inviting to a podcast recording!

  4. This is brilliant. Thank you!

  5. Staggeringly great overview of how to think about the science of innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, government and the building of an economy wide growth engine. There is finally a coherent interdependent scientific method that demystifies why startups aren’t small versions of bigger businesses and that their core mission is to search for a business model. Why this is different to the management science of execution. Steve explains how startups grow, and how finally government can apply these hard won learnings.

  6. Thank you! Great interview! The topic list is so useful!

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