Hacking for Defense Goes National

Our goal was to scale Hacking for Defense classes across the US – giving students the opportunity to perform national service by solving real defense/diplomacy problems using Lean Methods. In exchange our government sponsors benefit from 1) access to talent that most likely would never have served the country, 2) getting solutions as minimum viable products/prototypes in 10 weeks, 3) exposure to a problem solving methodology used in Silicon Valley and battle tested in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This week we are doing what we said we’ll do – scale the class nationally:








None of this would be possible without Pete Newell and Joe Felter and the entire team at BMNT and the extraordinary teaching team at each of these universities.

This week I’m in Washington co-teaching the 2nd Hacking for Defense Educators and Sponsor class.  More universities coming to the program, more government sponsors sharing problems, more variants being taught in 2017 (Diplomacy, Impact/Development, Space, Cities, Hollywood, etc.)

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  1. Hey Steve, If you need a software to do the management of ideas – innovationcast.net We can talk… Thks


  2. This is very exciting, thank you for sharing about the launch of these courses. I look forward to future posts about outcomes and learnings.

  3. Hey Steve! How does a national top 15 Computer Science Department, whose campus has 5 LLEP instructors, sign up for Defense and Energy?

  4. Wow big changes seeing this go nationally. Growing up as a dependent in the military, I’ve always heard about this type of methodology and never would’ve thought to see it at this level. Pretty awesome stuff.

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