Innovation @ 50x in Companies and Government Agencies

I’ve spent this year working with corporations and government agencies trying to adapt and adopt Lean Methodologies.  In doing so I’ve learned a ton from lots of people. I’ve summarized my learnings in this blog post, and here and here and here and put it all together in the presentation below.

if you can’t see the presentation click here.

But the biggest surprise for me was getting schooled on how extremely difficult it is to be an innovator inside a company of executors.  More on that in the next post.

Graphic recording - SteveBlank - Innovation at 50x - Trent Wakenight OGSystems 20150814

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  1. Steve,

    I tried to be innovative within big corporations, it’s like to try swim against a stream, it’s exhausting and getting you nowhere.

    As a consultant I probably destroyed my promotion because I stated that “I do want to change the status quo” (in a consultancy with a screen saver saying that they are innovative).

    I worked as a freelance consultant, employed consultant and founded web agency. My conclusion was:

    If you want to change the status quo, there is no other way than to grow your own organization.

    Or: Words don’t matter, actions do.

    You could tell anyone your greatest insights how to change things fundamental, nothing will happen. If $$$s are flowing towards your idea, all people will rush to you.

    It’s not ideal, but real.

    Best Regards, Stephan Froede Munich, Germany


  2. Steve,

    I just did a quick search on linkedin for “CIO”, “Chief of Innovation”, “Director of innovation”.

    Among the (very) few positions resulted, none of them were about “management of “business model innovation”.

    At best they were about “management of technology/product innovation”.

    I suspect that what you propose here is damn forward looking respect today’s corporate environment.

    They still have to digest what “continuos innovation management” is about, and are still scared to death by something colled “disruptive innovation”… and now you dare to propose a vision to manage “business model innovation”…

    you…bad boy…!!!

    Thanks for this,



  3. I would like to talk to steve. Would you please forward my email to Steve. Thank you

    Javad Kargar


  4. It would be great to have it on Prezi. Good work! Congratulations!

  5. In my presentations, I made a small modification in the Horizon’s Chart trying to reflect the exponential result a disruptive innovation (horizon 3) can bring. I got that feedback from some meetings I had with some executives and Startups in Brazil and I realized it calls a lot of attention from the audience when we show that exponential behavior.

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