Market Type and Revenue. 2 Minutes to Find Out Why

Understanding “Market Type” can save you a ton of money and time.

This 2-minute video explained “why not all startups are the same” and introduced the notion of “market type” and described the difference between new markets, existing markets and resegmented markets.

The next video described what happens to startups who don’t understand they are in a new market.

This video describes how “Market Type” affects your revenue and your burn rate.

If you can’t see the video click here

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  1. Steve, Have you done any work with Palantir?

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  3. That was a wonderful analysis, and right too. As a startup, as I am, it is so difficult to know, yet so imperative, to know whether I am going to make it or flatten out, and then you don’t know whether you should, and for how long, or call it quits, and accept you failed.

    What do you call one which strives to serve more types of customers where others are catering to a single type OR giving more to existing customers and thus trying to serve various customers (online viewers) types at one platform. I guess that would be resegmented market?

    Kshitij Thakur
    Founder, Market Width

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