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  1. Hey Steve I have to say I love these 2 minute clips! I wasn’t able to complete your course on udacity (maybe someday) but this way I am able to keep absorbing the information , keeping it around me and thinking about it. Thanks a lot!


  2. Approachable summary of customer discovery. Thoughts on “getting out of the building” before stating hypotheses?

  3. Steve, on 3rd July I will be testing the problem and my solution to that problem. I saw you when you gave a short speech at ESADE. Love your ideas and I am implementing them in my company. Only thing is, my startup is NOT an internet or app based solution. It is a product for airports that will hopefully solve a specific problem and reduce costs drastically for airports. Your ideas are very applicable to brick and mortar type of businesses also, just wanted to tell you that. Regards, Joshi

    That is awesome. I love these 2 minute videos

  5. Steve, I am a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and I teach several entrepreneur courses. In fact, I use your book and the BMG. I was wondering, is it possible to use your video from this blog in my class on Product Definition? I would like the class of Masters students to see how quickly it all fits together for customer discovery. You are inspiring to be sure.
    Thank you.

  6. Steve, Thank you for this quick review of how to move forward. I will definitely be reading (viewing) through your other posts now!

  7. Terrific bite-size wisdom! I just wish the video was in higher resolution – the words are unreadable. Thanks!

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