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  1. Wonderful thoughts. The successful business applies the scientific method, every time.

  2. Love these two minute blurbs. Qualitative tests using customer development are great, and combining them with quantitative experiments is excellent.

    But what happens *before* testing to inform our hypotheses? Do we pull hypotheses out of thin air? Or do we get out of the building to observe, converse, and learn before we speculate about our business model?

    • As Steve mentioned in the video, you are testing your current understanding, like the best of it.

      • Of course you are testing your current understanding. But it’s arguably even more important to gain a fuller understanding – prior to hypothesis testing – via deliberate qualitative research instead of relying on hunches and incidental learnings.

  3. […] fields flew by on the interstate I listened as Dave described how he translated his vision into a series of hypotheses and mapped them onto a business model canvas. He believed that local moves could be solved cheaply and efficiently through local social […]

  4. Gosh Steve… love they way you get things into my head. by the way, what do you use for your drawings?

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