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  1. Nice post,thanks.

  2. I recall listening to Steve discuss pivots a while back. My company started out designing electric cars to slay the Internal combustion “beast”. At some point based on customer feedback of performance/ range/ price we felt we needed a change, which led me to think about hybrid drivetrains with a unique engine. That engine was so disruptive that we dropped the electric part of the hybrid and now focus exclusively on Internal Combustion Engines (with Hybrids just a sliver of the possible applications). Our disruptive engine is now funded by DARPA. I thank Steve for helping break the inhibition and natural apprehension of a major change in company direction. I think we made as close to a 180 degree change as you can get and it seems to be working for us

  3. Don’t many also refer to their changing as a “Pivot” even though they’re completely changing what they’re pursuing. They’re moving into a completely different business, not just making adjustment as needed ?

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