How to Get a VC Meeting – the flowchart

I often get asked, “how do I get a meeting with a VC?”  Here is my slightly tongue-in-cheek view.


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  1. Tongue in good-cheek. All ways they need to get out of the building

  2. At first I read associate as ‘asshole”, then I looked again. I was probably more right the first time.

  3. Looks like a hypergraph,, in the centre, funky.

  4. I am looking into game development, kickstarter seems the place to raise money these days.

  5. Amusing, but so true!Best,Bharat– Sent from my HP TouchPad

  6. If you have a business successful enough to attract a VC, it is more than likely you do not need a VC. A VC will take your company away from you and all of the profit…if you are successful or not…

  7. All that Marc Andreessen had was
    Jim Clark. Who was all he needed.
    I think that VCs are a waste of time.

  8. Missing the arrow out of customer development up to the VC meeting (at least here at Menlo Ventures!)

  9. Steve,

    I don’t get the flowchart. What does the initial question refer to? That if you made some money for any other VC company?



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  10. […] week, Steve Blank reminded sil­i­con val­ley it needed to get out of the build­ing in order to develop… but get­ting out of the build­ing is not suf­fi­cient when you’re trapped in a gated […]

  11. Are silicon valley VC’s running an illegal technology cartel?

    What has your experience been on them manipulating industries?

  12. funny…

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