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  1. Lean Launchpad sounds cool, & I love your book, but the video only highlights white guys. What about the rest of us?

  2. Thats nice. Sure, would like to watch.

  3. Steve, it is a great initiative!

    Yesterday i bought your book from Amazon and I hope to get it before our lessons begin:)

    I live in Poland, and it is not easy to learn directly from you.
    Hope to meet you “offline” in 2 years when i move to US, but now online lessons are great solution.

    Thanks a lot and see you in on-line classroom:)

  4. Hi Steve, i am in Colombia and recived ” the startup owner’s manual ” and it is a great book. When starts the class online ? . How is the registration for that ?. Thanks a lot

  5. I have been waiting for LaunchPad Class since the beginning of this year. Fantastic news! Looking forward to study in your class Steve.

  6. Hi Steve, great initiative! Recently bought your book and, as a newly born entrepreneur I am digesting it chunk by chunk. Good stuff.
    Where can I read about signing up for the e-class and its fee? Regards from Peru.

  7. How and where do I sign up for it?

  8. unable to sign up for an account at udacity.com due to error in page……..thus can’t sign up for course

  9. Hello Steve

    Thank you for offering this class online. Are we going to build teams online or are we going to work individually.


  10. Looking forward to the class! I’m going to be in the Stanford area when it starts. Any fellow entrepreneurs up there want to work together, email me at teknikdj@gmail.com.

  11. Hi Steve,
    a suggestion: maybe it’s a good idea to send an email to the people who enrolled at the beginning of the year and never had updates (I replied to the first “course delayed” email asking for news, and got no response). I was just lucky to see this blogpost on your site or I’d have missed the course…

  12. Hi All,

    We have set up a Facebook Group for this class:


    In this group, we could find teammates for doing projects, building startups and collaborate to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.



  13. Looks great. How do I enroll?

  14. Steve,

    Is this going to a flipped classroom where students learn by doing projects, working on their ideas, business models, forming teams and working on their startups?

    Or is it going to be a traditional classroom where students watch the lectures, answer some quizzes, tests, assignments, problems?

  15. Are you aware that this video now shows a black screen and says it is private?

  16. Hi,
    Anyone knows classes hours? I’m first timer and do not know exactly how the courses work.


  17. […] to workshop, feedback and develop the business ideas)… some people might fully embrace the lean launchpad philosophy… others might want to try hybrids, anything […]

  18. Steve what is the difference between Four Steps of Epiphany and Startup Owners Manual and which is better for someone who wants to launch a startup but is yet to take the plunge?

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