On Vacation

Exploring Spain.  Back soon.


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  1. […] Shulman In the past 3 or 4 days, I have received blog notices from Brad Feld, Fred Wilson and Steve Blank that they are on vacation.  For Fred and Steve, I think the purpose was to let their readers know […]

  2. Enjoy my country, Steve!
    Do you plan to come back for speaking/teaching engagements?

  3. Hi, enjoy Andalusia!!! I’m from there (Málaga), it’s very close to Olvera. If you need any tourist guide, I will be glad to do it. Andalusia needs enterprising people, you should be here more time to help and inspire us!!! best regards.

  4. When are you coming back? I Miss your blog posts and I have a copy of your podcasts so I can listen to them when I’m on the go. 🙂

  5. Hi Steve, I hope you like my country. If you plan to be in Madrid in the next days I would be quite happy to organize a meeting with a few customer development oriented entrepreneurs. A native guided tapas experience 😉

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