Greatest Hits – The Gigaom Interview

Om Malik runs Gigaom, probably the most interesting and technically accurate sites on the blogosphere.

He had me in for an interview. We covered a wide range of topics.

0:22 – the Entrepreneurial explosion
1:45 – Are we in a Bubble?
3:20  – The Last Bubble
6:30 – Rules for the New Bubble
8:05 – Metrics for Success
10:10 – Total Available Market in the Billions
11:45 – Is this a Really a Bubble – the greater fool theory
13:00 – VC’s – The Pact With the Devil
14:10 – What to Use VC’s $’s for?
15:36 – How to Get Customer Centric – an unnatural act
17:00 – The Secrets to Social Networks – Bowling Alone
17:45 – Who Are the Best Entrepreneurs?
18:45 – Entrepreneurs are Artists
21:39 – What Makes Silicon Valley Special?
22:50 – Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley

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  1. […] act of getting up and leaving for Silicon Valley is the fundamental act of being innovative, according to Steve Blank.00:25:00 into.[Download this post to watch the video, if your feed reader does not show it to you.] […]

  2. only in Sillicon Valley for a 22 year old who takes 4 million dollars thinks that the best use of the money is to work 100 hours a week. Everywhere else people will take the money and say


  3. Steve , i see that also US Govnt with Diaspora is giving now great value to the immigration that made US what are today…and Silicon Valley is the best example of the plus ot the multietnicity. Do u think that this could be a good premise to open the borders to tech immigrants, penalized in the last 10 years by Patriot Act??

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