Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley

Om Malik runs Gigaom, probably the most interesting and accurate site on the blogosphere.

Om was kind enough to have me in for an interview. We covered a wide range of topics. This talk on Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley is a small  1 minute snippet of a longer interview on his blog.

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  1. Very good point. Also in Brazil entrepreneurs are beginning to experience such atittudes which to fail is being considered something important to a next stage of entrepreneurship.

  2. It’s an excellent observation that failure should be taken as a “notch on the belt,” but I’d say that cultural acceptance extends beyond Silicon Valley. I think it’s part of technology/startup culture in general, as geeks are accustomed to software coding, in which, if it fails, it seeks a way around until it succeeds.

  3. I see acceptance beyond Silicon Valley as well but what makes the Valley special is the alignment of an entire ecosystem around this belief. When you can access advisors, PR, lawyers, accountants and all the rest who view “failure” the same way, that’s a powerful foundation from which to launch again.

  4. Great stuff Steve. Your blog has had a tremendous impact on the way I view a career as an exiting college senior.

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  6. so true. despite numbers of failures, many still manage to rise up and make a difference.

  7. Love it! Definitely heading over to watch the entire thing at GigaOm.

  8. There’s failure and then there’s failure.

    There’s failure where I’ve given it everything I got and the timing wasn’t just right or I misjudged the market or any other circumstances that the best entrepreneurs can fail. They might have better luck the next time.

    And then there’s failure where I I fought all the times with my partners or I gave up easily or worse I mistreated my employees and they did a lousy job. In these cases the entrepreneur is probably doomed to fail again and again.

  9. Thanks Steve, I always look forward to reading your articles because I always learn, even when they are short like this one.

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