Who’s An Entrepreneur-Talk with the Kauffman Foundation

The Kauffman Foundation is the leading private funder of economic research related to growth and innovation in the United States. (Translation: They write checks for $100 Million dollars a year.) The Churchill Club, Silicon Valley’s largest public affairs organization, invited Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation and I to talk about entrepreneurship. (The official title of the talk was Fresh Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Innovation and Economic Growth.) Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes and co-founder of the Churchill Club refereed the event.

Carl has been been shaking up the staid world of academic entrepreneurship research for over 8 years as the head of the foundation. I think the expectation was that putting the two of us together would see the fur fly.

Instead of a brawl it turned out to be collegial, entertaining and informative.

BTW, the definition of entrepreneurship I describe at 2:50 into the video is described in detail in the post “You’re Not a Real Entrepreneur.”

Here’s a 6 minute excerpt from the talk.

Listen to the post here: Download the Podcast here

2 Responses

  1. what did Carl say at 1:12 ? the video skipped or something?

    I think he was saying that politicians and the media are trying to promote entreprenuership as the salvation of the nation, is that correct?

  2. Hi Steve, I just read Clayton’s last book “Seeing what’s next”, and, as a follow up, I am re-reading the previous one “Innovator’s Solution”. In those he does mention how large corporations need to spin out disruptive ideas into separate entities, etc. Yes, in the first (now seminal) “innovator’s Dilemma” he did not specifically address this, but in the subsequent ones he did.

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