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I am going to post on Mondays and Thursdays – at least until I run out of war stories. Posts are going to be a mix of topics: entrepreneurship, secret history and conservation. I’ll try to mix the topics up during the week. BTW, keep the comments coming, they’re read and appreciated.

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  1. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. […] But I wrote a post about an iterative, process-oriented approach to high-tech sales and marketing on 2.9.9.   Shortly thereafter, Andrew Beinbrink, CEO of the interesting San Diego start-up SportsTV, introduced me to Seal Ellis who introduced me to Steven Blank’s book The Four Steps to Epiphany, which sounded an awful lot like what I had blogged about.  Whew.  And Steve’s got a new blog. […]

  3. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for the fascinating tales. I am glad you were able to speak, not only to 3 Letter agencies, but for the assembled masses at Radiofest 2009 in Monterey, the ham radio crowd. I wish I could have attended, but am told that they taped it, an I hope they send it to Youtube for consumption.

    I bet you would enjoy attending some interesting activities off the Moon, June 26, at “one of those” early dishes, the SRI dish above Stanford U. My team is setting the big dish up for Moon Bounce,. which is quite difficult to do on chump change for 3 letter agency budgets, but we have the privelege of permission to put on a program on and aroud the 26 June.

    Maybe in your history, what we do could be known as commemorating “3 Letter Echoes” instead of Eches of Apollo, our current 40th anniversary celebration of Apollo 11.

    We plan to have the many large dishes assembled for Moon Bounce, connected with live feeds on line, so EME, so the public will be able to be listened to from the web..

    Best, and get in touch if you want to do some Big Dish EME…

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