Retirement and Redemption

In 1999 I retired and began to reflect about my career and what had happened in the previous 21 years and eight startups in Silicon Valley.  Alone in a ski cabin with the snow coming down outside, and my wife and daughters out on the slopes all day, I started collecting my thoughts by writing a series of “lessons learned” stories that I had hoped would become my memoirs.

Eighty some pages later I realized that a) I had some great war stories as a good marketeer and failed CEO, b) I’d have to pay my wife and kids to read them, c) the three of them were probably the entire total available market, and d) when I looked at what I had done and what other entrepreneurs had done at their startups, that there was a pattern.

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  1. For those who want to read the series from the beginning, here is “he Secret History of Silicon Valley” organized as a trail on

    The trail map is at:

    And you can start reading here:

    I threw in a couple of extra Fred Terman links besides your material Steve 🙂


    (shamelessly pimpin’ trailmeme!)

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