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Startup Tools

Getting Started

Lists of Tools from Others


Find a Co-Founder

Developer Bootcamps

Job Interviewing Tools

Tools from Steve: Lean Startup/Business Model Canvas/Customer Development Tools

  • Founders Workbook – A Checklist for the Startup Owners Manual
  • Over 500 presentations and videos (mine and my students class finals) on Slideshare
  • Harvard Business Review article on Lean here
  • My free online Lean LaunchPad class on Udacity is here.
    • All the Lectures and their subtitles can be download for free here. Creative Commons license applies.
  • I also share all my syllabi, student presentations and my class lectures slides as well.
  • Educators Training Guide is here
  • Course for Educators is here
  • Teachable moments videos for the Lean Launchpad class here
  • How do Customer Discovery videos here
  • How to do Customer Discovery workbook here
  • Sample Lean LaunchPad Lecture slides and suggested syllabus here
  • Latest presentations posted click here
  • Latest student videos posted here
  • National Science Foundation presentations here
  • Stanford presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Berkeley presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Columbia 5-day presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Caltech 5-day presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Business Model Competition slides here
  • Some general customer development slides click here
  • National Science Foundation I-Corps presentations, lectures and syllabus click here
  • National Science Foundation/NCIIA I-Corps Faculty toolkit is here
  • LaunchPad Central – the standard for Bus Model Canvas/Customer Development progress for companies/incubators/accelerators

Business Model Canvas

Customer Development

Social Entrepreneurship / Non-Profits

Customer Discovery Checklist


Before Leaving the Building

Outside the Building

Returning to the Building

How to Do Customer Discovery Interviews

Founder Stories

Website Domain Names

marketingtechnology lumascape 4-23-13

marketing tech landscape 2016


Create Websites Automagically

Build Static-site blogs

  • StaticGen – list of static-site generators
  • Hugo – framework for building static-sites
  • Forestry – static-site content management system integrates into Cloudinary
  • Jekyll – build static sites
  • VuePres – static-site generator
  • HeXo – static-site generator
  • GitBook – static-site generator for documentation
  • MiddleMan  – static-site generator for documentation
  • Pelican – static-site generator

Blogging Platforms

  • WordPress– king of blogging platforms…doubles as startup website
  • Tumblr – another blogging platform
  • Disqus – Comments Platform
  • Livefrye – alternate to Disqus

Website Bounce Reduction

  • BounceExchange – drive conversions and leads on a website
  • Optimonk – monetize abandoning website traffic
  • EarnCoupon – give customers discounts for liking your site

“How Big is the Market?” Tools

“How Do I Contact Customers?” Tools

Surveys/Forms/Focus Groups

Product Launch Tools/Landing Pages

  • Great Landing Page Tutorial – ConversionXL
  • LaunchRock – Create a viral “coming soon” landing page
  • Prefinery– Beta and Launch Mgmt software
  • LaunchEffect – WordPress Landing pages for viral launches
  • Ooomf – iPhone app store build/push/launch
  • Unbounce – create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages
  • Instapage – create a free landing page
  • KickoffLabs -product landing pages
  • LaunchGator – create a viral landing page
  • Lander – create a landing page in minutes
  • Ion – create landing pages that convert
  • Clickthroo – landing pages with split-test, segment, personalization
  • WordSafety – Check a name for unwanted meanings in foreign languages

Product Demo Videos

Screencasting Software

  • Screenflow– screen recording and editing
  • Snagit – screen capture
  • Camtasia – screen recording and video editing
  • Jing – screenshots and screencasts
  • Screen-o-Matic – cloud recording
  • SnapzProX – mac screen capture software
  • ScreenFlow – mac screen capture and effects
  • Screencastify – screen video recording for Chrome
  • Snagit– Chrome plugin/downloadable, they also build a ton of other software (500 person company in Michigan)
  • ClipChamp – online video editor

Streaming Video Marketplace

  • Periscope – live streaming video
  • Meerkat –  live stream video
  • Streamium – Stream live video directly to your viewers and get paid in bitcoin
  • Findstringers – global freelance marketplace
  • Twitch

Traditional Media


On-Line Advertising Platforms (SEO)

Competitive Online Adword/PPC Analysis

  • SEMRush – SEO and campaign management tool
  • SimilarWeb – discover traffic for any web site or mobile app
  • Thalamus -comprehensive research database of advertising vendors
  • Alexa – competitive website info
  • KeywordEye – generate keywords
  • Spyfu – download competitors keywords and ads
  • BuzzStream – link building and digital PR
  • Market Samurai – SEO Keyword Analysis Tool
  • WordStream – competitive adword analysis
  • K-Meta – find competitive adwords keywords
  • Moz  – keywords, links and on-page metrics

Social Media Advertising

  • Captiv8 – social media mgmt platform – connect brands to advertisers
  • Atlas – Facebook’s cross platform solution
  • Adaptly – twitter and facebook advertising platform
  • MarinSoftware – online advertising platform
  • Adroll – retargeting and display advertising
  • Kenshoo – predictive marketing
  • Adstage – manage google, bing, facebook, twitter & linked in Ads
  • Followerwonk – Twitter analytics, online segmentation

Search Engine Optimization and Tools

marketing technology landscape

SEO and Analytics Tutorials

Online Ad Fraud Tools

  • Forensiq – fight online ad fraud
  • SimilarWeb – website traffic and mobile app analytics
  • WhiteOps – Digital ad fraud detection

Web/Social Customer Analytics Tools

  • Google Analytics – web analytics and optimizer from the borg
  • Kissmetrics– actionable analytics
  • MetricStory – Google analytics automatically delivered
  • QuantcastMeasure – measure reach, traffic, frequency, demographics, interests/lifestyle, etc
  • Comscore – ad agency/enterprise analytics
  • AdobeAnalytics – ex Omniture
  • Amazon Analytics – cross–platform mobile analytics reporting service for your app or game
  • FacebookDomainInsights – provides developers and Page owners with metrics about their content
  • HeapAnalytics – captures user action Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views and lets you measure it
  • GetClickyreal-time web analytics
  • Grafana – Beautiful metric & analytic dashboards for time series and metrics
  • InfluxDB – the platform for time series data
  • Leadlander – marketing automation analytics
  • – analytics API
  • Wordtracker – find the best keywords and links
  • Serpico – monitor your competition, backlinks & rankings
  • WhatRunsWhere – locate and assess competitors ads and copy
  • – easy analytics for business data
  • Mixpanel– real-time event tracking
  • DigMyData – analytics dashboard for sales, email, social and ad marketing
  • Crazyegg– visualize analytics
  • Mint – site analytics
  • Piwik – open source web analytics
  • Visistat – web analytics measure marketing campaigns
  • DbFace – SQL database application builder build no coding PHP or any frontend html, css
  • Webtrends – analytics and segments
  • Chartbeat – website analytics for doers
  • Kontagent – user analytics for the social and mobile web
  • Forsee – web, mobile, social, contact center analytics
  • Woopra – real time customer and visitor analytics
  • StatsMix – track and display internal & web metrics
  • Keylines – amazing email visualization tool (Palantir for the rest of us)
  • Ducksboard – very cool way to measure any online metrics
  • Dasheroo – Business dashboards done right
  • Cyfe – monitor social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support
  • Mention – media and social monitoring
  • Geckoboard – widget-driven business dashboard
  • Grappster – dashboard for your cloud apps
  • Leftronic – dashboard for real-time analytics
  • Ubiqdata into dashboards
  • PirateMetrics – track acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue
  • – Twitter brand monitoring
  • WhosTalkin – Social Media Search tool
  • Diffbot – identify and extract from any web page (stealth search engine!)
  • Kumu – track, visualize and leverage relationships

IoT (Internet of Things) Analytics

  • Tellient – the only analytics platform built specifically for the IoT
  • First Analytics – predict time-to-failure for industrial equipment or solve complex optimization problems involving industrial IoT
  • Uptake – IoT and data analytics company

SEO for Mobile Apps

Mobile App Store Customer Analytics / Ad Platform

mobile marketing

Social Listening

  • Datarank – social listening and analytics tools
  • Bottlenose – social listening for stream data
  • Dataminr – transforms Twitter stream and other public datasets into actionable signals
  • Trendspotrr – transforms social media into action
  • DataSift – human data intelligence
  • Salesforce Radian6 – social media monitoring platform for marketers
  • Brand24 – social media monitoring and analytics

Mobile App Location / Ad Platform / Misc

  • Placed – location based analytics for mobile apps & websites
  • Burstly – mobile app monetization tools
  • Yozio – campaign tracking & viral optimization for mobile apps
  • Tapjoy – mobile app turnkey ad platform
  • Appbackr – market, sell and distribute your apps
  • Chartboost – make money with mobile games
  • Google AdMob – monitize and promote your mobile games
  • Vungle – integrate video ads into your apps

content marketing toolsOnline Marketing Suites

  • HubSpot – online marketing and web analytics system
  • Eloqua – marketing automation
  • Pardot – marketing automation for multi-touch sales
  • Silverpop – end to end marketing automation
  • AgileCRM – CRM, Sales & marketing automation
  • HipCricket – mobile marketing platform
  • Infusionsoft – small business CRM and marketing automation software
  • Performable – personable web analytics/lifecycle marketing
  • Custora – customer retention, churn reduction, lifetime value
  • Zoho – free/cheap web customer relationship mgmt software
  • Sharebird – Sales enablement software
  • Highrise – small business CRM
  • Pipedrive – sales pipeline management
  • Zferral – affiliate and referral marketing on the web
  • Genoo – marketing automation software
  • Act-on – marketing automation suite
  • Wishpond – social media marketing
  • Intercom – CRM and web messaging tool for web apps
  • Salestrakr – low cost CRM
  • OntraPort – small business CRM, email management, list segmentation, marketing automation, billing, easy website building
  • InviteBox – referral program platform
  • Crowdtap – Influencer Marketing platform
  • Helloworld – promotions, loyalty, mobile, live events, analytics
  • Scaledrone – service for pushing messages to browsers
  • – retargeting and marketing automation for commerce

Content Marketing Tools

  • ScoopIt – publishing by curation
  • Roojoom – turn content into leads
  • SnapApp – Content Marketing platform
  • Milkwhale –  Design Infographics



Social Monitoring

Social Media Marketing

  • Sprinklr – social media marketing and mgmt software
  • Socialbakers – social media marketing and mgmt software
  • ZohoSocial – social media marketing and mgmt software
  • HootSuite – social media dashboard
  • Buffer – schedule and manage social media posts and analyze performance
  • Postcron – schedule posts on Twitter or Facebook
  • Later – plan and schedule Instagram posts
  • Tweetdeck – twitter real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement
  • Socialoomph – schedule and monitor social media activity
  • Friends+Me – schedule social media posts
  • Crowdfire – publish and curate content

Email Marketing/Blasting

Transactional Email

Email Sender Reputation

Sender Score – reputation mgmt for email senders

Email Testing

  • Litmus – email previews and email analytics
  • Glockapps – spam testing tools for email
  • MailTester – test the spamyneess of your email

Social Acquisition

  • Woobox – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sweepstakes and coupons


  • Bunchball – gamification for user engagement and loyalty
  • Hoopla – motivate employees, increase sales productivity
  • Badgeville – gamification platform
  • Gigya – social plugins, gamification
  • Spinify  -leaderboards using your own data to motivate teams

Loyalty Programs

  • RewardStream – loyalty, customer referral
  • 500Friends – customer loyalty program for ecommerce
  • NextBee – customer referral and loyalty programs
  • BigDoor – gamified loyalty and reward programs
  • UrbanAirship – push marketing for mobile


  • TeamViewer – remote support, remote access, online collaboration
  • Pastebin – store and share text snippets online
  • Collect – collect and manage client documents
  • Hipchat – private group chat & IM for business and teams
  • Yammer – private social network for companies
  • Google AppsEmail, Chat, Docs
  • LibreOffice – free wordprocessor, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation, pdf maker and database office suite
  • Skype– free voice and video communication tool
  • Fuzebox – web/mobile online conferencing
  • UberConference – online conference with visual icons
  • ProfiConf – HD video conference in a browser
  • Typewithme – document collaboration tool
  • Unison – group communication to send group emails as well as SMS messages
  • Google Hangouts – Googles uber Skype
  • Evernote – remember everything
  • Campfire – team collaboration
  • RealTimeBoard – online whiteboard & collaboration tool
  • Wikispaces – wikis for everyone
  • Slideshare – share Powerpoints and docs with customers
  • – free screen sharing
  • Ning – Create your own social network
  • Doodle – online group scheduling
  • Freeconferencecall.comFree conference calls – awesome!
  • Speek – easy to setup conference calls, file sharing
  • Syncpad – real time mobile collaborative whiteboard
  • Piktochart – make infographics
  • Stormboard– online brainstorming and collaboration
  • Meldium– access all your apps with one click

Personal Cloud Storage

  • Dropboxfree store, sync, and, share files online.
  • Tresorit – secure dropbox alternative
  • Google Drive – cloud storage and file backup
  • iCloud – Apple store everything in the cloud
  • OneDrive – Microsoft store everything in the cloud
  • Box – online file sharing

On-line Q&A / Development Communities

User On-boarding

  • UserOnboard – how web apps handle their signup experiences
  • AppCues – on boarding academy

Wireframing Tools

  • Read this UX tutorial first – Alan Wells
  • Great list of rapid prototyping tools here – dan harrelson
  • Web Starter Kit – Google
  • Web Fundamentals – Google
  • Figma  – team design of product mockups
  • POP – Prototyping on paper for mobile phones – awesome
  • Keynotopia – use PowerPoint/Keynote to create web/mobile apps – Cool!
  • Lean Design – design using HTML5-editor and automatically convert it to XHTML/CSS
  • Saas – CSS Extension Language
  • Balsamiq– rapid wireframing tool. software mockups in minutes
    • Napkee – export Balsamiq Mockups to HTML/CSS/JS and Adobe Flex 3 at a click of a button
  • Justinmindmac/pc mobile and web highly interactive prototypes
  • Figma – collaborative interface design tool
  • Heflo – business process modeling
  • FluidU/I – mobile prototypes for IOS
  • Briefs – mac prototyping tool for iOS
  • Flinto–  web prototyping tool for iOS and Android from your screen designs
  • Invision – web and mobile iOS and android prototyping & collaboration tools for design
  • – web prototyping tool for iOS and Android
  • Solidify – web prototyping clickable mobile prototypes
  • Axure – mac/pc wireframe software & mockup tool
  • Irise – wireframes and prototypes. Inline requirements management. Real-time collaboration
  • Protoshare – web prototyping tools for web & mobile wireframing
  • Pidoco – online wire framing
  • AppCooker – iOS mockup, wireframe or prototype
  • – draw diagrams online
  • Moqups – HTML5 App used to create wireframes, mockups or UI concepts
  • MxGraph – client side JavaScript diagramming library
  • Sketch – professional digital design for the mac
  • Pencil– Firefox add-on to do GUI prototyping and simple sketching
  • Lumzy – quick mockup creation and prototyping
  • CSS Hat – Turn Photoshop layers into CSS3
  • Mockflow – online/offline, extensible wireframing tool w/design library
  • OmniGraffle – it’s been around before the web even existed
  • Wirify – turn any webpage into a wireframe
  • LucidChartCloud-based drawing tool
  • LucidPress – Cloud-based create and print digital documents
  • Cacoo – free online drawing tool
  • HotGloo – Online Wireframing Tool
  • Mocksup – Share your web site mockups
  • Mockingbird – Mock it up and share web site wireframes
  • Creately – online diagraming and collaboration
  • Gliffy – Online Diagraming
  • Keynotopia – wireframing + high fidelity (pixel perfect) prototyping tool
  • Free Wireframe templates for iPhone, iPad and Web
  • Wireframing Tutorial

Markdown – text to HTML Text Style editor

  • Markdown – John Gruber’s original markdown syntax
  • Mastering Markdown –  github
  • CommonMark – strongly specified, highly compatible implementation of Markdown
  • BabelMark2 – tool for comparing the output of various implementations of John Gruber’s markdown syntax
  • MDtest – Michael Fortin’s test suite for Markdown implementations
  • Mou – markdown editor for Mac
  • Markdown editors for Windows
  • Marked – provides a preview of your Markdown as you work in a text editor
  • Dillinger – free online markdown editor that syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive and Github.

Web Drawing Libraries

  • Paperjs – vector graphics scripting framework runs on HTML5 Canvas
  • Processingjs – vector graphics scripting framework runs on HTML5 Canvas
  • Verb -Javascript CAD Library for manipulating NURB surfaces on the web
  • CGAL – Computational Geometry Algorithms Library – gold standard for geometric libraries

Web Screen Scraping Tools

  • – screen scraper and crawler – free

Word Cloud Generators

  • Taxedo – word cloud with styles
  • WordMosaic – create word cloud inside your own symbol/picture
  • Yippy – create world cloud for your blog-generates html and matches blog style
  • Worldle – word cloud generator
  • Worditout – word cloud generator
  • VocabGrabber – word cloud plus visual thesaurus – really useful

Website Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Mouse Tracking

  • Usertesting – $39 live users testing your site – cheap
  • ProdThink – test a feature before you code it
  • YouEye – usability testing with webcam eye tracking
  • Validately – Test a feature before you write code
  • LuckyOrange – affordable usability testing, heat maps, polls, visitor map
  • Experimently – heat maps, A/B testing experiments
  • Nelio A/B Testing – WordPress conversion optimization. Test headlines, posts, pages, widgets, themes, heatmaps
  • Crowdsourced Testing – just like it sounds
  • SessionCam – session replay, heat maps, conversion funnels
  • FiveSecondTest – fine-tune landing pages
  • TryMyUI– watch videos of users using your site
  • FeedbackArmy – $20 website usability testing
  • WhatUsersDo – UK live usability testing
  • Clicktale – watch live clicks and browsing, optimize usability
  • Usabilla – Micro usability tests
  • OptimalWorkshop – tool suite for remote user research
  • Clickheat – heat map of a website (where do users click)
  • Mouseflow – attention heatmaps, mouse tracking and video playback
  • Clixpy – tracks users clicks and browsing
  • Openhallway – lets you remotely record user test scenarios
  • InspectLet – Usability testing/Heat Maps and screen capture
  • UsabilityTools – discover user needs, increase conversion rates
  • – web designers get free feedback about their designs
  • LookTracker – eye tracking maps
  • Omniconvert – A/B tests, personalizations and advanced segmentation

Emotion Analytics

  • Affectiva – Test content for emotional engagement by facial analysis
  • Emotient – facial expression recognition software
  • Realeyes – measure peoples emotions via a webcam
  • Sension – use webcams as a visual interface for interacting with content

Mobile Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Build Tools

  • Amazon Mobile SDK– build mobile apps, mobile-optimized connectors to AWS data streaming, storage and database services
  • HeatData – heatmaps for Mobile website
  • – Heatmaps for IOS apps
  • – A/B testing for Mobile Apps
  • Taplytics – A/B testing on IOS without app store updates
  • Apptimize – mobile A/B testing for iOS and Android
  • TestFlight – IOS beta testing on the fly
  • Elusivestars – mobile app testing for developers
  • Testin – cross platform automated app testing solutions
  • Pusher – hosted API for realtime mobile/web apps
  • PerfectoMobile – mobile app testing
  • MobiReady – testing tool evaluates website mobile-readiness
  • Compuware – test your website for “mobile ready”
  • Rigor – test/monitor performance of mobile apps/websites
  • W3C Mobile OK – test your website for mobile
  • Google Page Speed – test your mobile speed
  • AppMockUpTools – iPhone App Mockups
  • Bugclipper – plug n play bug reporting library  capture screen shots, highlight issues & record screen activity
  • Appery – Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile & Hybrid Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Website A/B and Landing Page Testing

Website/Browser Testing

  • Sauce Labs – cross-browser testing in the cloud
  • Browerstack – test websites across all browser w/debugging tools
  • CrossBrowserTesting – pick an OS, pick a browser, pick a website
  • RainforestQA – QA as a service
  • Testling – cross browser testing
  • Browershots – free  browser testing makes screenshots in different os’s and browsers
  • 99Tests – Crowdsourced software testing
  • BetaList – get beta testers online

Website Performance Testing

  • NewRelic – manage and tune website performance for Rails
  • DareBoost – Test, Analyze and Optimize your website
  • WebPageTest – website speed test from multiple locations around the world
  • Google Pagespeed – performance recommendations
  • PingDom – uptime and user monitoring
  • Super Monitoring – uptime and basic website functions monitoring
  • SpeedCurve – front-end performance benchmarking
  • Monitive – site uptime monitoring
  • Monitor – free website monitoring
  • Webmon – website monitoring and escalation

Website Designers

  • 99 Designs – marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design
  • IconFinder – great way to find free graphic icons on the web
  • FindIcons – 400,000+ icons on the web
  • xScope – measure, align and inspect on-screen graphics and layouts
  • Scoutzle – curated community for the best mobile designers

Website Design Tools

Phone/SMS Cloud Apps

  • Twilio – add mobile and sms to your app
  • Tropo – Cloud API for adding voice and sms to your app
  • Callfire – add voice and sms to your app
  • Voxeo – voice recognition and IVR to your app
  • Jajah -telephony api
  • PlumVoice– IVR Systems

Photo/Video Analysis Tools

Voice Analysis Tools

Learning to Code

Reverse-Engineering Tools

  • Ghidra – NSA open-source reverse engineering tool
  • IDA Pro / HexRays– disassembler with debugger and plugin programming environment
  • JEB – disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files
  • BinaryNinja – reverse engineering platform
  • Hopper Disassembler for MacOs and Linux
  • Radare – Disassembler
  • Binja – Binary Ninja plugin to decompile binaries using RetDec API
  • Retdecretargetable machine-code decompiler based on LLVM

Application Frameworks

Create Mobile Apps Automagically

  • Xamarin – create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps
  • Codenameone – Write code in Java(tm) using Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ/IDEA move to iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Appcelerator – Write in JavaScript, run native everywhere
  • AppPress – make a mobile app without coding
  • Bubble – enables your to program web and mobile apps without code
  • appery – mobile app builder and MBaaS

Apple iOS and MacOs Development

Android Development

Microsoft Development

Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Data Science


Machine Learning Tutorials

Machine Learning Tools

machine intelligence


machine learning skills

Data Science/Big Data Analytics / Log Management

  • Anaconda – enterprise data science platform – 200 data science Python libraries
  • rStudio – professional software for R
  • OpenRefine – data cleaning and exploring for large data sets
  • Apache Airflow – author workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks
  • H20 – implementations of the most popular statistical and machine learning algorithms
  • Splunk – log mgmt searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data
  • Sumo Logic – log analytics platform
  • Loggly – mine log data in real time
  • ElasticLogstash – open-source log management
  • RapidMiner – analytics platform, data mining, machine learning
  • DataRPM – machine analytics for big data
  • Metamind – deep learning for the enterprise
  • Wandora – knowledge management application

Speech Recognition

Computer Vision/Image Recognition/Facial recognition/biometrics

  • OpenImages – Google 9million image dataset annotated URL’s over 6000 categories
  • Caletch 101 – Pictures of objects belonging to 101 categories. About 40 to 800 images per category
  • Great paper – Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine
  • Clarifai -Machine Intelligence API for mobile devices
  • Torch/fbcunn – examples to train classifiers over ImageNet
  • Pixy – Open source vision system, connects to Arduino
  • Camfind – Image Recognition API
  • Sirius – open source Speech and Vision Based Intelligent Personal Assistant
  • – real-time vision servers and clusters
    • VMX – real-time object detection and recognition system
  • Kitware – open source image and video retrieval platforms
    • KWIVER – support for Kitware –
  • MotionDSP – GPU, realtime video enhancement and forensics
  • Blogs
  • Moodstocks – image search against a database of references you supply; mobile app developer platform
  • Blinkfire – uses computer vision to measure media value and impact for sports teams
  • – visual search, image and retail item identification for retailers and brands
  • ImageVision – big data for images and videos
  • ViSenze – visual search technology
  • OpenALPR – open automatic license plate reader software

Facial Recognition / Biometrics

AI market

Text Analysis Tools/Natural Language Platforms

Natural Language Generation

Social Mining

  • Dataminr – focused on Twitter streaming I&W.  limited to 14 day retro.
  • Topsy – Twitter search, monitoring and analytics
  • Social Crawlytics – user influencer and content marketing tool
  • Metamind – deep-learning experts for sentiment


  • ZeroFox – harness social data to improve information security
  • RedOwl – behavioral analytics security software
  • – find and stop attacks on your data
  • Area 1 Security – combat spear-fishing attacks in a clever way
  • Hyperion Gray – mass fuzzing of the internet and darknet profiles
  • Fireeye – Cybersecurity and malware prevention – machine learning for intrusion detection
  • Digital Stakeout – real time threat intelligence platform



  • GeoMesa open-source system that stores, indexes, and queries hundreds of billions of geospatial features in a distributed database (Accumulo)
  • GeoWave leverages the scalability of a distributed key-value store for effective storage, retrieval, and analysis of massive geospatial datasets
  • LocationTech – working group developing advanced location aware technologies

Physics Engines for games/robotics

  • Box2D – 2d physics engine for games
  • Bullet – physics simulation engine
  • ncollide – 2D & 3D collision library for the Rust language
  • Chipmunk– 2D real-time rigid body physics engine
  • Chrono:EngineC++ simulation library
  • Farseer – based on Box2D w/collision detection
  • Havok – collision detection and physics engine
  • Matter.js – JavaScript 2D rigid body physics engine for the web
  • Metali – 3D physics engine
  • Moby – multi-body dynamics simulation library written in C++
  • Newton – life-like physics simulation library
  • Open Dynamics Engine – library for simulating rigid body dynamics
  • p2.js – JavaScript 2D physics library
  • PhysX – Nvidia open source physics engine
  • Physics Abstraction Layer (PAL) – unified interface to a number of different physics engines
  • PhysicsJS – physics engine for javascript
  • OpenTissue – algorithms and data structures for rapid development of interactive modeling and simulation
  • Tokamak – real time physics engine
  • TrueAxis – real time physics engine
  • Proteus – A Python toolkit for toolkit for computational fluid and solid mechanics simulation

Simulation/Game AI Engines

  • Stage –sophisticated simulation scenarios across massive gaming areas
  • Artificial Contender – AI middleware for behavior-capture
  • Cyntient AI – AI middleware
  • DI-Guy – human simulation software
  • Gameware – AI middleware, NavMesh generation, hierarchical pathfinding, and path following
  • Masa Life – AI middleware, design how characters behave and how they interact with the world
  • Rain – AI character engine – behavior creation, automatic navigation mesh generation, and animation control
  • SimBionic – create intelligent behavior for games and simulations
  • SpirOps – AI middleware for crowd simulations
  • Kerbal – space program simulation

DARPA Open Source

DOD Funding Sources

Space/NASA Open Source

  • Open NASA – 42,966 Data Sets – 449Code Repositories, 50APIs
    • Worldview – browse NASA Imagery
    • Darts – dynamics library for the modeling of robotic platforms, space vehicles, molecular dynamics
    • RCATS – Root cause analysis tool
  • Kubos – open source RTOS flight software for nano satellites, pico satellites and cubesats
  • – Astrophysics Source Code Library
  • – real time prediction of satellites
  • – Orbital Launch Simulator andTrajectory Visualisation Software
  • – visualization of satellites in orbit
  • Orbitrack (paid mobile app) – AR and VR orbit visualization modes
  • Lockheed Martin satellite constellation designer –  free iOS app that lets you design satellite constellations.


Cloud Services and Tools

Artificial Intelligence
AWS AI Services
  • Amazon Polly – service that turns text into lifelike speech
    Amazon Lex – service for building conversational interfaces using voice and text
  • Amazon Rekognition– service that makes it easy to add image analysis to your applications
AWS AI Platforms
  • Amazon Machine Learning – create machine learning models without having to learn complex ML algorithms and technology
  • Amazon EMR – run Hadoop framework across dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 instances
  • Apache Spark on Amazon EMR – in-memory distributed compute engine that speeds analysis on large-scale data up to 100X engine
AWS AI Engines
  • Windows Azure – Microsoft Cloud Platform
  • Scalr – cloud management tool
  • mcrouter – facebook memcached protocol router for scaling memcached deployments
  • Joyent – high performance cloud – Infrastructure as a Service


Enterprise Data Center Operating Systems

Container Orchestration System

Orchestration Configuration

Data Engineering Ecosystem

Data center orchestration and configuration management tools

  • Puppet – configuration management system
  • Chef – configuration management system
  • Saltstack– cloud orchestration, server provisioning, configuration management
  • Ansible – Redhat configuration management, app deployment
  • Spinnaker – Google cloud continuous delivery
  • CFEngine – IT infrastructure automation
  • NixOS – Linux configuration management system
  • Apache Nifi – dataflow system (directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic)
  • Apache Flume – collect, aggregate and move large amounts of streaming event data
  • Apache Camel – define routing and mediation rules
  • Apache Kafka – high-throughput distributed messaging system
  • Apache Taverna – design and execute workflows
  • IBM Streams/DISTILLERY – platform for near-real-time streaming analytics

NoSQL Databases

GPU-optimized relational and column-store databases/Graph Analytics

  • Kinetica – GPU accelerated database
  • GPUdb – GPU accelerated in-memory distributed database
  • MapD – GPU database for interactive SQL querying and visualization of multi-billion record datasets
  • Blazegraph GPU accelerated graph analytics
  • BlazingDB –  GPU accelerated data warehouse
  • PG-Strom – PostgreSQL extension for GPUs

Development Tools

  • VirtualBox – x86 Virtualization
  • Perl Object Environment – Perl framework for reactive systems, cooperative multitasking, and network applications
  • Wireshark – network protocol analyzer
  • Codeacademy Labs – program in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript online without downloading a code editor or IDE
  • Koding – cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform
  • CircleCi – Continuous integration and deployment tool for web apps
  • yUMLsketch uml diagrams.
  • WebSequenceDiagramssketch sequence diagrams. automatic links to generated images
  • Rietveld asynchronous code reviews on changesets
  • Fluid – turn webapps into Mac OS X apps
  • TextMate – code and markup editor
  • Coda – one-window web development app for the Mac
  • Coderunner – Edit/run code in any programming language with a click
  • SourceLair  cloud coding platform C, Python, Ruby and API
  • WebBiscuits – framework for web apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Best free programming books
  • CodeAcademy – learn to code
  • Webkit – build your own browser
  • Appery – Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile & Hybrid Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Project Management

Open-source software hosting

  • Github – Free public repositories, collaborator management, issue tracking, wikis, downloads, code review, graphs
  • Sourceforge – Free. For open-source projects
  • JavaForge – free open source project hosting site
  • Bitbucket – free cloud hosting for Git or Mecurial projects
  • Sourcetree – free mac client for Git, Mercurial and SVN
  • Mercurial – free, distributed source code control management system
  • Aha! – product roadmap software
  • AirFocus – prioritization and roadmapping tool

Source Version Control Software

Kanban and Scrum Tools

  • Kanban versus Scrum – description
  • Kanban Tools
    • Kanban Tool – online, web-based, Kanban tool
    • KanbanFlow – free Kanban tool
    • Swift-Kanban – enterprise Kanban
    • Kanbanery – Simple online team or personal kanban board
    • LeanKit Kanban – Great for visualizing work of product development
    • Kanban Pad – “Nice and lean” and free online Kanban tool
    • CodeBeamer – Kanban and Scrum tool Application Lifecycle Management
    • Nutcache – all-in-one collaborative project management
    • Kanbanize – free Kanban software
  • Scrum Tools
  • Basecamp– web-based project management and collaboration tool
  • Confluence – Plan roadmaps, define product requirements, and centralize documentation
  • Pivotal Tracker – Agile project management tool real time collaboration
  • Wrike  – combines project management, collaboration, discussion and document sharing
  • Ansible – configuration mgmt, app deployment, continuos delivery
  • Trello – team collaboration around “boards”
  • Taskade – organization and collaboration tool for getting things done
  • Workflowy – hierarchial task manager
  • Asana – shared task list for your team
  • Wunderlist – light accountability and planning
  • Sqwiggle – all-hands meeting and updates
  • Quip – team tasking
  • Sprintly – agile collaborate>prioritize>create git integration
  • Podio – collaborative project management
  • Flow – collaborative task and project management
  • Interstate – open project management
  • Apollo – integrated project and contact management
  • Rally – agile product management
  • Blossom – lean product management
  • BrightPod – product mgmt for marketing teams
  • Trajectory – agile product mgmt, write and discuss user stories, bugs, and to-dos
  • Clarizen – cloud project mgmt tool
  • Webplanner – online collaborative project management application.
  • ChiliProject – web based project management
  • Exepron – cloud based project management
  • ProofHub – web project mgmt & collaboration
  • Kiln – Version control and code review
  • PushPinPlanner – online real-time resource planning for agile teams
  • DaPulse – cross company collaboration
  • ProdPad – proj mgmt w/road mapping
  • Producteev – web/mobile task mgmt
  • ProcedureRock – create, procedures, instructions, guides, online help
  • – Collaborative Task Manager
  • ProcessPlan – task mgmt via email
  • Redbooth -combines social networking and project management
  • ProjectManager – project planner, time/expense tracking
  • TeamCity – continuous integration/unit testing, code quality analysis, pre-tested commits, report on build problems
  • Milestone Planner – planner for deadline/outcome driven environments
  • 5pm – Online project management tool
  • TimeBill – Replicon task management tool
  • AgileZen – project management visually see and interact with your work
  • GoPlan – collaborative project management
  • Unfuddle –hosted project management solution for software teams
  • Taskpoint – online project mgmt and collaboration
  • Centroy – online project mgmt
  • Do[Box] – project mgmt, save, resuse and share project models
  • Projify – simplified project management
  • Mavenlink – manage project communications, documents, schedules, budgets, payments
  • NeuLexa – enterprise project mgmt
  • ProcedureRock – operations and procedures mgmt
  • Userlike – live chat software for websites
  • Industrial Logic – Agile eLearning
  • PMToolkit – project management templates
  • Kanbanchi – dashboard/collaboration tool for Google Apps
  • Sandglaz – online team collaboration

Product Roadmaps for Product Managers

  • Wizeline – create product roadmaps
  • Aha! – roadmapping software for product managers
  • ProdPad – create product roadmaps

Bug/Issue Tracking

  • Sentry – application monitoring and error tracking
  • Bugherd – simple issue tracking for web developers
  • Lighthouse – Issue Tracking Tool
  • Sifter – hosted bug and issue tracking
  • Toggle – time tracking tool
  • Fogbugz -bug tracking, project mgmt, customer support
  • Bontq – hosted bug tracking and project management needs
  • WakaTime – Automatic time tracking for your text editor
  • Intervals – time tracking and task management
  • Preceden – simple way to make timelines for presentations
  • RayGun – error tracking tool for software developers
  • ClickTime – online timesheets

Web Server Stress Testing

  • Google Page Speed – test your web page speed
  • Httperf– HP Web Server Performance tool
  • Siege – http load testing and benchmarking utility
  • Jmeter – java-based server load testing
  • Tourbus – ruby website load testing tool

Digital Asset Management



Self Created Products Selling Sites

  • Gumroad – sell your digital products directly to your audience
  • Etsy – buy and sell all things handmade
  • Amazon 3D printing store
  • Cafepress – buy and sell T-shirts, Personalized Gifts, Unique Mugs, Posters & More
  • Zazzle – buy and sell T-shirts, Personalized Gifts, and more
  • Folksy – buy and sell handmade gifts and crafts
  • RedBubble – art gallery & community
  • Storenvy – buy and sell goods and brands that inspire
  • Blurb – publish books

Credit Cards/Billing/Subscription Management/E-Store

  • Credit Cards/Payments
    • Square – accept credit cards from ipad/iphone/android
    • Stripe – accept credit cards on the web
    • Amazon Payments – login and pay with Amazon
    • CCBill – merchant services & credit card payments
    • GoCardless -accept direct debit payments
    • Balanced – Payments processing, escrow & payouts API
    • BancBox – Payments service platform
    • Paypal – the standard for payment
    • WePay –  payment API for platforms
    • E-Junkie – shopping cart plug-in for downloads and tangible goods
    • SendOwl – add a “Buy” button to your website
    • 2Checkout – accept payments globally; credit cards, paypal, debt cards
    • ShopLocket – ecommerce solution for hardware makers
    • Zombaio – billing for adult entertainment
    • Billpro – “high risk” merchant account & credit card processing
    • Braintree – online credit card merchant processing
    • Paymill – accept online payments on the web
    • FeeFighters – find the cheapest credit card processors
    • Venmo – make and share payments on your phone

Payments startups

periodic table of payments

  • Fraud Detection
  • Subscription Services
    • Memberful – sell memberships to your audience
    • ChartMogul – subscription analytics and revenue reporting
    • Cloudware City – online app store for subscription services
    • argebee – subscription & reoccurring billing
    • Recurly – Subscription billing
    • Spreedly – sell subscriptions on your site. signup, upgrade, trial pricing
    • Zuora – online subscription management
  • Online Store and Marketplace Creation
    • Shopify – create an online store
    • BigCommerce – ecommerce software & shopping cart
    • Yahoo Small Business – hosted ecomerce website
    • Volusion – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting
    • Lemonstand – cloud eCommerce platform for stores that do over 6 figures in sales
    • WooCommerce – free commerce toolkit for wordpress
    • Nearme – create your own branded marketplace
    • Bizwebs – create an online store
    • Shoprocket – sell on a website, blog or Facebook Page using a single line of code
    • Estoreify – create your own online store in just 5 minutes
    • Selz – sell on Facebook, WordPress, from any website w/PayPal
    • IndieMade – Create an artist website with a store, blog, galleries
    • BigCartel – shopping cart for artists, designers, bands, record labels, jewelry, crafters
    • SquareSpace – build a website with commerce
    • EStoreApp – a webstore in 5 minutes
    • PinnacleCart – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting
    • CoreCommerce – online store & shopping cart software
    • Fortune3 – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting
    • EKMPowershop – create an online store using templates
    • Paddle – create an online store for games, apps and content
    • Retargeting – trigger live and email responses based on consumer behavior in online stores
  • Donations
  • Postmaster – Integrate package shipping, tracking  and notification into your app

Customer Support/Feedback/Engagement

  • Nirror – live support/watch playback of customer actions on your site
  • Conversica – AI software for marketing, virtual sales assistant
  • Tender – support, knowledgebase tool for your site
  • GetSatisfaction – conversations between companies / customers
  • Triibe – incentive-based customer service
  • HelpJuice – knowledge base to scale customer support and collaboration between teams
  • Zendesk – web help software
  • Raaft – customer retention feedback
  • – machine learning for customer success
  • Rollio – CRM now listens via Natural Language Processing
  • Drift  - Chat widget for websites
  • Clickdesk – Help desk, live chat, social toolbar
  • Zopim – real time customer support/live chat
  • HelpScout – simple setup, easy integration, help desk software
  • Desk – from Salesforce, easy and simple; email/social/chat/phone
  • SnapEngage – live chat integrates with your apps
  • Freshdesk – completely unique never seen before web help software
  • Olark – live customer chat and customer loyalty
  • LiveChat – live customer chat, archives of conversations
  • Groove – simple online Help Desk
  • VisitorEngage – behavioral-based feedback button, surveys & website notifications
  • Assistly – Support customers by Web, email, chat, and social networks
  • Vision Helpdesk – Support for multiple companies from one place
  • OneDesk – ideation to delivery and support issues, tickets, tasks
  • HappyFox – collate, categorize and respond to all requests
  • CustomerSure –  online customer service, feedback into retention
  • HelpSpot – Helpdesk software
  • Webengage – engagement; website survey, feedback and notification tool
  • SupportBee – help customers via email, robust ticketing
  • JitBit – Help desk ticketing system, cloud and on premises versions
  • HelpRace – helpdesk, knowledge base and a feedback community in one platform
  • NetHelpDesk – Exchange sync, Smartphone apps

Testimonials/Social Reviews

  • PostKudos – collect customer testimonials
  • Yotpo – social reviews for eCommerce
  • Kayako – Help desk
  • UserVoice – turn customer feedback into action
  • Kampyle – turn customer feedback into sales and relationships

Recruiting Tools


Password Managers

Password API’s

  • Authy – add two-factor authentication to your sites
  • Userbin – add two-factor authentication to your sites

Misc Office Help

Phone Systems


  • InDinero – easy business finance software
  • Brex – free Business cash account and credit cards
  • ZenPayroll – delightful employee payroll software
  • WagePoint – online payroll for small businesses
  • Freshbooks – cloud accounting and invoicing
  • Gusto – payroll software for accountants
  • Autotax – eFile IRS 1099 forms
  • Expensify – billing, expenses, receipts
  • BambooHR – Employee Records, Benefit Information, Payroll Data, etc.
  • Harvest – online time tracking
  • Xobni – Outlook plugin to search
  • Think-Cell – Powerpoint (windows) plug-in for advanced charting
  • QuoteRoller – create, deliver and negotiate proposals online
  • WordsRU – proofreading and editing service
  • iProsh – manage your office and workspace online
  • RescueTime – time mgmt software, work/life balance
  • Boomerang – scheduled sending and email reminders for gmail
  • TradeAbility – free tool from UPS – estimate costs and duty fees and international shipping restrictions
  • Freemind – free mind-mapping software
  • FoxOMS – resource mgmt and scheduling for film, TV and creative businesses
  • FindStringers – freelance journalism marketplace

cb insights unbundling fedex

Outsourcing/Freelance Help

Chips/Hardware Resources/Tools


  • ROS – Robot Operating System – open source framework for writing robot software
  • Artoo – Ruby micro-framework for robotics based on sinatra
  • Gazebo – 3d Robot simulation software
  • MRPT – Mobile robotics C++ libraries
  • OpenPilot – Open Source UAV autopilot
  • Paparazzi – open-source hardware and software  autopilot  for fixedwing & multicopters
  • DIYDrones – community for amateur UAV’s
  • QGroundControl – open source UAV ground control operator station
  • DroneDeploy – outsourced drones
  • Navio+ – raspberry pi autopilot
  • Dronebase – Get imagery & video via drone
  • Prandtl – physics-based CAD for drones

Software Defined Radio (SR)

  • HackRF SDR Tutorial – great intro to SDR
  • Guide to Software Defined Radio – LuaRadio
  • Software Defined Radio Basic Tutorial – Schuyler St. Leger at Desert Code Camp
  • GNU Radio – open source software defined radio
    • GqrxSDR – open source SDR built on GNU Radio
    • GRSatellites – GNU Satellite telemetry decoders built on GNU Radio
  • NooElec – $20 USB RTL-SDR Receiver R820T2 tuner 25MHz-1750MHz
  • HDSDR –  freeware Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • HDSDR on OSX – freeware Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Mac OS X
  • ETTUS Research – hardware for software defined radio
  • HackRF – software defined radio 10 MHz to 6 GHz
    • HackRF One – software defined radio half-duplex transceiver, 1 MHz – 6 GHz
    • rad10 – SDR half-duplex transceiver, 50 MHz – 4 GHz works with HackRF
  • OsmoSDR – Software based small form-factor inexpensive Software Defined Radio
  • LimeSDR – open source SDR
  • Nuanced – USB 3.0 software defined radio 300MHz – 3.8GHz
  • FUNCube dongle – software defined radio 150kHz to 1.9GHz 
  • BladeRf x40 – low-cost USB 3.0 Software Defined Radio
  • Ethos Research – software defined radio development platforms
  • SDR Showdown – HackRF vs bladeRF vs USRP tutorial
  • FlexRadio – software defined radio for ham operators
  • LoRa Alliance – low power wide area network
  • Sigfox –  cellular tech for IoT
  • Ingenu – dedicated IoT connection
  • Beep Networks – real world data to the cloud
  • RTL-SDR – news and projects blog
  • GNURadioCompanion – a graphical tool for creating signal flow graphs and generating flow-graph source code


  • AudioKit – audio synthesis, processing and analysis
  • Essentia – open-source C++ library for audio analysis and audio-based music information retrieval
  • Csound – a C-based audio programming language
  • SuperCollider – environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition

Contract Manufacturers/Startup Design/Prototype/Manufacturing Consultants/Helpers

  • Macrofab – software platform view into a contract manufacturer
  • Fusion PCB – hardware platform for Makers
  • PCH – product design, engineering/development, manufacturing, packaging,  fulfillment, etc
  • Proto Services – ISO 9001/2000 certified manufacturing in Silicon Valley
  • The Build Shop – 3D printing and Laser cutting shop in LA
  • Get it Made  – CNC Machining in the UK
  • MakeSimply – sourcing and manufacturing services
  • Jatco – plastic molding and manufacturing in Silicon Valley
  • Studio Fathom – Prototype Fabrication & Bridge-to-Production Services
  • Fictiv  – order 3D parts easily for hardware prototyping
  • Dix Metals provider of precision-cut, machine-ready blanks
  • Tempo Automation – desktop pick and place robot automates surface mount assembly
  • Dragon Innovation – works with startups to provide a clear from prototype through production with manufacturing expertise and trusted connections
  • MakeSimply – idea to production, simplified – get MVPs, get products into production

Electronic Prototyping

  • Circuit Simulation Tools
    • CircuitLabs – schematic editor and circuit simulator
    • Yosys – open source Verilog synthesis suite
    • arachne – open source Place and route tool for FPGAs
    • PartSim – online SPICE circuit simulator
    • LTSPICE4 – free analog SPICE simulator
    • ADS –  design automation software for RF, microwave, high speed digital, and power electronics
    • EasyEDA – circuit simulation, PCB design, Electronic circuit design online for free
    • DoCircuits – schematic editor and circuit simulator
    • CEDAR – logic simulator
    • Quiet – circuit simulator with GUI
    • CiruitMod – circuit simulator
    • Falstad – In browser circuit simulator
    • ELN – minecraft mod for in-game circuit simulation
    • Ansys HFSS – electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for wireless and RF
    • Ansys SIwave – design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of IC packages and PCBs
  • Power Supply Design Tools
  • HardwareHacker – DIY Basic projects
  • Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech
  • HackersCatalog – technical bookstore
  • Hackaday,io – hardware projects
  • – hardware blog
  • Teensy – USB development board
  • Hopper – OSX and Linux disassembler
  • Binwalk – firmware analysis tool
  • Intel Edison – computer board w/atom processor, wifi, open source tools
  • LittleBits – DIY electronics for prototypes and learning
  • CircuitStickers – peel and stick electronics. great for kids 1st projects
  • DangerousPrototype – open source hardware projects
  • Fritzing – opensource hardware community
  • Beagle Board – Open. ARM. Low cost, low power, open hardware expandible computer running latest Ubuntu and Android.
  • Saleae – Low cost logic analyzer
  • Hardware Debugging and monitoring tools
  • Microsemi (Actel) smartfusion: A low power development board full of peripherals and an FPGA chip
  • FPGA Wiki – Hamsterworks
  • FPGA Development Boards Review – Joel Williams

Electronics Component Suppliers

Manufacturing Resources

unbundling Honeywell

3D Printers

Building information modeling

  • Autodesk Revit – BIM solutions
  • FreeCAD – opensource parametric 3d CAD modeler
  • CadQuery  -python library for building parametric 3D CAD models
  • Vectorworks – 2/3D CAD and BIM solution
  • SketchUp – Google 3D modeling
  • BIMx – sharing hypermodels
  • BIMcloud – BIM in the Cloud
  • AllPlan – EU BIM software
  • OpenBIM – home of Open BIM collaboration via the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format

Low cost 3D/CAM Software

auto startups

3D Printing Services

3d printer market

Custom Machine Parts/Industrial Supplies

3D Software

CubeSats /  Nanosatellites

Life Science Resources

Medical Device Resources – Stanford Biodesign 

Medical Device Resources – General


Synthetic Biology

Digital Health


digital health


mobile digital health


Market Research Tools

Private “pay for market research” firms


U.S. State/Canada/Federal Open Data

Solar & Renewables Open Data

Other Governments Open Data

Research Data


Open Company Data/Stats/API

Open Mapping

Genomic/BioMed Data

Public or University library Resources:

Market Research Resources Online


Starting and Running a Startup Advice

Best Startup Advice

Incorporating Your Company

Entrepreneurship Reading List

Entrepreneurship Online

Startups Data

  • Mattermark – quantifying company growth for startup investors
  • Compass – Turn data into actionable insights
  • AngelList – connecting startups and angels

Coworking Spaces

Angel/SuperAngel Investors

Corporate vc’s

VC’s Focused on Commercializing University Technology


Incubator List/ Startup Jobs

Advice on Raising Startup Capital

Cap Tables / Valuation

Venture Capital Financing

Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents

Building/Managing Your Board

Intellectual Property Advice

Founder Equity Issues


Executive / Advisory Board Compensation

Public Relations (PR) For Tech Companies

Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs




Saas vs. Enterprise Churn Rates

Saas vs. Enterprise Churn Rates

Web/Mobile/Marketplace Revenue Models

Commission Fees

Burn Rate/Balance Sheet

Product Pricing 101 for Entrepreneurs

Getting Acquired


Fighting Patent Trolls

Corporate Innovation Programs

List of Investment Platforms

Education Startups

Edtech investors


eduation software

New Schools EdTech Map


ed tech mkt mapHigher Ed tech landscape






q2 2015 ed tech startups

China – Doing Business

china ecosystem

2015 china top100 brands

China Blogs

China Military Books/Blogs

Japan – Doing Business

Must Read Blogs

venture blogs

More to read

Cannibis market

Lean LaunchPad Videos

This is the complete list of Launchpad Video clips created to date and sorted by topic:

TC Teaching Critigues
SL Student Learning
CD Customer Discovery series
UCB UC Berkeley LaunchPad Spring ’13 series
UCSF UCSF Life Science & Healthcare Launchpad Fall ‘2013 series

Mentor Training

  1. Lean LaunchPad Mentor Training UCSF

General Discussion

  1. How Large Will You Scale? (03:03) TC UCB
  2. What If You’re a Visionary? – Risks & Rewards (4:53) SL UCSF
  3. Your Startup: Do You Want to Spend 3 to 4 Years Doing This? (5:14) TC UCSF
  4. Don’t Let the MVP Limit Your Vision (03:40) TC UCB

Customer Discovery

  1. “It Saved Us Several Years” (1:45) SL UCSF
  2. Stop Telling Yourself What You Want to Believe (1.39) SL UCSF
  3. Narrowing the Focus (1:21) SL UCSF
  4. Why PI’s and Founders Need to Get Out of the Building (2:15) SL UCSF
  5. “This Was the Best Outcome” (2:50) SL UCSF
  6. Getting to the “Better Idea” Faster (3:59) SL UCSF
  7. Insights on: Does Customer Development Work in Therapeutics? (6:11) UCSF
  8. The Phases of Customer Discovery (0:37) CD

Before Leaving the Building

  1. Pre-Planning Contacts (4:34) CD
  2. Customer Interview Dry Runs (0:49) CD
  3. Discovery is for Founders (1:30) CD
  4. Pass/Fail Experiments (1:32) CD

Outside the Building

  • Rules of Customer Interviews
  1. Being Aggressive (1:29) CD
  2. Conducting a Customer Interview (1:30) CD
  3. Letting the Customer Interview Flow (1:37) CD
  4. Sizing the Opportunity (2:50) CD
  5. Finding Patterns (1:50) CD
  6. Looking for Insights (0:58) CD
  • Early Mistakes to Avoid
  1. Death by PowerPoint (1:42) CD
  2. Death by Demo 1 (2:18) CD
  3. Death by Demo 2 (1:45) CD
  4. Understanding the Problem (3:22) CD
  5. Multi-Person Interview (2:03) CD
  6. Assuming You Know (1:56) CD
  7. B-to-B to C (2:15) CD
  8. Existing vs. New Markets (5:29) CD
  9. Asking the Right Question (2:37) CD
  10. Public Interviews (2:11) CD

Understanding What the Customer Is Telling You

  1. Engaging the Customer (3:37) CD
  2. Customer Empathy (2:25) CD
  3. The Distracted Customer (3:12) CD
  4. Customers Lie (2:37)
  5. The User, the Buyer & the Saboteur (2:24) CD

Back in the Building

  1. Extracting Insight from Data (2:59) CD
  2. Pay Attention to Outliers (2:16) CD
  3. Getting the MVP Right (3:34) CD
  4. The “Other 85%” (2:32) CD
  5. Finding Early Evangelists (1:17) CD
  6. Communicating Your Discoveries (2:26) CD

Value Proposition

  1. Pivoting…or Groping for a Business Model? (02:37) TC UCB
  2. Seduced by Insufficient Data (02:34) TC UCB

Customer Relationships

  1. Insights on: Customer Relationships – Week 4 (12:00) UCSF
  2. Use Customers to Find More Customers (02:22) TC UCB
  3. Customer Conversion (03:22) TC UCB

Customer Segments

  1. Insights on: Customer Segments – Week 2 (12:43) UCSF
  2. Estimating Market Size (01:49) SL UCB
  3. Customer Workflow (02:10) SL UCB
  4. Customer Discovery / Customer Archetype (04:04) SL UCB
  5. Customer Archetypes; Hypotheses & Experiments (03:21) SL UCB
  6. Customer Segments & Customer Archetypes (03:47) SL UCB
  7. The Fog of Entrepreneurship (03:01) TC UCB
  8. At the Start, All Your Stakeholders Are Customers (02:32) TC UCB
  9. Square Pegs & Round Holes – Mira Medicine (4:33) TC UCSF


  1. Insights on: Channels – Week 3 (14:52) UCSF
  2. Framing the Experiment (02:27) TC UCB
  3. Distribution Channels: One Data Point Is Not a Test (02:37) TC UCB

Revenue Streams

  1. Value Based Pricing – “We Were Gobsmacked!” (6:43) SL UCSF
  2. Insights on: Revenue Streams – Week 5 (17:04) UCSF
  3. The Importance of Experiments (03:57) TC UCB
  4. Validating Product Pricing (03:55) TC UCB

Key Partners

  1. Insights on: Key Partners – Week 6 (17:08) UCSF
  2. Listen Carefully for Customer Discovery (03:20) TC UCB
  3. The Timing of Partnerships (03:46) TC UCB

Key Activities & Key Resources

  1. Insights on: Science Advisory Boards (4:53) UCSF
  2. Insights on: Resources, Activities & Costs (12:26) UCSF
  3. No Laundry Lists. Just Facts! (02:43) TC UCB

Final Video

  1. Accelerated Medical Diagnostics: Final Video (2:41) SL UCSF
  2. Knox: Final Video (2:17) SL UCSF
  3. Magnamosis: Final Video (2:51) SL UCSF
  4. Making Friends: Final Video (2:19) SL UCSF
  5. Mira Medicine: Final Video (2:23) SL UCSF
  6. ResultCare: Final Video (3:08) SL UCSF
  7. Final Video (3:48) SL UCSF
  8. Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Video (8:34) SL UCSF

Final Presentations

  1. Knox: Final Presentation (8:33) SL UCSF
  2. Magnamosis: Final Presentation (10:19) SL UCSF
  3. Making Friends: Final Presentation (8:38) SL UCSF
  4. Mira Medicine: Final Presentation (9:26) SL UCSF
  5. ResultCare: Final Presentation (11:34) SL UCSF
  6. Final Presentation (16:45) SL UCSF
  7. Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Presentation (8:34) SL UCSF

“Getting Your Story Straight” – David Riemer on Storytelling

  1. Story Narrative and Product Narrative (10:24) UCSF
  2. Story & Storytelling (4:35) UCSF
  3. The Power of Story (10:24) UCSF
  4. Story Structure (10:24) UCSF
  5. The Main Character (9:27) UCSF
  6. The Main Conflict (6:13) UCSF
  7. Story Challenges & Solutions (2:03) UCSF
  8. Telling a Great Story (13:16) UCSF


Some of the material I have created or use in my classes does not lend itself to blogs. It’s more reference material. Thus, these pages.  I’ll add more as time goes on. See my slide/video links

Tenacity If you’ve gotten this far, here is a visual representation of tenacity and persistence!

760 Responses

  1. Very interesting stuff. I am both an avid entrepreneur and book worm but must admit to having not read most of the books on your list. It is certaintly a great list to motivate me to get reading again. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Hi Steve!

    My name is Crystal Williams, and I maintain a small business blog called I recently did a piece on the best books for startups, where I included your book “Four Steps to the Epiphany.” If you have a few moments and are interested, I would love to have you post your recommended books in the comments section.


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  3. Hi Steve,

    Read your book “The four steps …” and have enjoyed it and your blog. I have recently been doing some research on Entrepreneurship in Brazil, while also trying to start my own company. I wanted to ask you what you thought about “context” ? I.e a lot is written in general terms, mostly US centric. What about emerging economies, what caveats do they posses ? Also do you agree with the notion of Entrepreneurship as “opportunity recognition” ?


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  4. Hi Steve,

    I enjoyed your book and I found it helped me connect a lot of dots which now make more sense!

    Most of the examples you cite in the book are targeted on highlighting challenges faced by each of the respective companies. I was wondering if you have a couple of examples of companies that have utilized your methodology and enjoyed great market success crossing the chasm and becoming successful mission-centric companies from start ups?

    Any examples would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Greg G.

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  5. Hello Steve,

    I am currently reading The Four Steps to the Epiphany. The granular, tactical process that is laid out is amazing. I’ve experienced working for companies that did it the wrong way and one that went through the “death spiral” just as you describe. This thoroughly instilled in me that some sort of process more akin to yours must be the way to go. But until reading his book and blog I hadn’t known the exact steps to take and in which order.

    Are there digital copies of some of the worksheets and checklists in the appendix of your book available in digital format? These would be extremely useful in getting buy-in and working collaboratively through the process across our founding team.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Luke L.
    – Waterloo, Ontario

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  6. Hi Steve,

    I wish I had discovered your book earlier. It became my bible (after the real one 🙂 to develop my company LocalBooking. I think this is perfect for it.

    I wish I could have you as a consultant to help my company to take off. I am still trying to figure out the right market and customers for it.

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  7. Steve:

    I just found your site and blog from a link off Venture Hacks
    “Two great talks from SLLConf”

    I fell like I’ve just found the mother lode!

    Thanks a million. Now I’ve really got my work cut out, but you just gave me a big “leg up”.

    — Mike

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  8. Steve, you don’t know me though I use your ‘Customer Development process’ video in my classes (Entrepreneurship at London Business School).

    I hewar via thew grapevine that you’re thinking about a ‘Business Model Competition’. Interesting. Can we touch base on this.

    Jeff skinner
    Faculty, London Business School.

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  9. Hey Steve

    Reading great struff around your Customer Development process, would love to see you speak around this

    Are you doing anything in the UK in the near future that I can turn up for?


    Phil Gainley

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  10. Steve, wonderful job!

    Thank you

    Margit Niemelä
    PhD, Principal Lecturer, Entrepreneur
    Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

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  11. Steve,
    This is an incredibly useful list and the book – 4 steps to Epiphany is a must-read for any startup. Pearls of wisdom, wish I’d read it earlier.
    And I’m of an opinion that its the right way to productize for a large corporate as well. After all, most of them seem to have only one or two hits (or high profit margin products).

    Are your lectures (in b-schools) open to public?

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  12. @Steve, I frequently feel like thanking you on every one of your posts, at the Amazon reviews, etc.

    Doing so would extend your posts’ comments sections while adding little value.

    But I definitely have to do it somewhere, at least once. Using this page – just the one that I happen to be using at this very moment – feels ok.

    You’ve been top of my entrepreneurship mentors/heroes for over a year now.

    @Entrepreneurs not fans of Steve, read his books. Read his blog.

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  13. Do you have the worksheets from your book available online anywhere?

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  14. Hi Steve,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Churchill Club event tonight. I met you immediately after the panel ended. I am an expert on Corporate Entrepreneurship and lecture in Drew Isaacs’ courses and CEE programs.

    I recommend that corporate entrepreneurs read “Grow from Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation’, Lippitz and Wolcott, 2010.

    Let’s plan to connect at Berkeley sometime soon.

    Best regards,
    Paul Campbell

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  15. […] Αξίζει πραγματικά να κάνετε bookmark και να ψάξετε στα ¨Startup Resources¨ του συγκεκριμένου […]

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  16. Steve

    Great list of books..

    When you come over to the UK would love to see you speak



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  17. Great resources!

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  18. Awesome resources! Thanks.


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  19. wow. that is tenacity!

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  20. is missing in the Website tools category

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  21. Great post,

    I’d recommend adding to the Project Management section 🙂


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  22. What about for cheap and easy a/b tests and surveys?

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  23. Great compilation. There is nothing on sales. Can you add useful resource for generating sales for start-ups.

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  24. Dim dim was acquired by Salesforce and has been shut down.

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  25. Steve, what a killer list.

    One thought — it’s not just the tools, but the culture in the company to implement the tools.

    We call it “playing a computer like an instrument” at AppMakr.


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  26. Shameless plug: Folks can also try Recruiterbox (similar to Resumator) to manage their hiring / applicant tracking

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  27. What about CRM? You don’t think startups should use CRM tools? I know that in B2B world you are dead in the water without CRM tool….
    We are using our own stuff – 🙂

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  28. Thank you for all the great links, how can i get an invite to quora?

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  29. Steve, Very interesting list of resources. Thanks!

    What about Django as Web Development Framework?

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  30. Here’s a few that are central to my work.

    Billing/Subscription Management:

    Braintree – Payment gateway, merchant account, and recurring billing all in one. Known for their great customer service.

    Web Development Tools:

    Sendgrid – Sends transactional email (signed up, forgot password, notifications) on behalf of you application. High deliverability rates.

    Hoptoad – Collects production application errors, groups them so developers can see one backtrace and how many times the error occurred.

    Blogs (VC):

    Antonio Rodriguez – A very technical VC at Matrix partners who can actually code.

    Blogs (web development):

    Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots – Company blog of thoughtbot covering Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, databases, and mobile development.

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  31. Thanks for including Grasshopper in your list Steve!

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  32. Steve,

    Looking forward to hearing you speak in Ann Arbor next month!

    Would love to have you include my referral platform to the marketing category.


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  33. I would also recommend Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas: a tool for documenting your business model and managing tests, as well as his book

    Running Lean

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  34. Steve,

    Big fan & great list – we use a lot of these tools for our lean startup.

    I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for you to add under the Project Management category and/or the Freelance category. We have an end-to-end suite that helps consultants and clients work better together. We’re lean and 40k people (and growing!) agree that we’ve got the best PM/time tracking/invoicing app out there.


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  35. Thanks for the shout out to TSF. To put together a fantastic list!

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  36. Steve,

    Love your book! Super list.

    Microsoft’s WebMatrix ( tries to seamlessly combine many public web development tools (like dotNetNuke, BlogEngine, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, …) in one place on Windows for deployment on your choice of providers for $2.99/mo and up. (I don’t work for Microsoft nor an ISP).

    For Freelance Help, consider adding:

    Logo Design:

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  37. […] Blank maintains a list of mockup tools you may use, few are specialized for mobile apps though. In my mind, any good drawing tools or even […]

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  38. Wow, Steve! Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for this incredible resource!


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  39. “Name, Domain name and Trademark” is a complex topic that, right or wrong, take a lot of time for entrepreneurs in the beginning. It should be added to this great list.
    A new tool that will help the entrepreneur in the trademark issue is Markify – a trademark search that finds all similar trademarks. It covers both Europe ant the US, it is easy, fast and free. This kind of search normally costs more than $500…
    Test your name so you don’t end up with a name that is confusingly similar to an existing trademark.

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  40. Hi Steve,

    Are you aware of ??? have a look, maybe as a collaborative resource on your list. Thanks for your work. I have lots to go through!

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  41. What are the free software tools and online services one should leverage for an internet start-up just getting started from an idea?…

    I think Steven Gary Blank, the guy behind “The Four Steps To The Epiphany,” has this nice list which I reference periodically.

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  42. Steve,
    Thanks for an incredible resource for entrepreneurs, which I’m going to be forwarding them to.

    May I humbly also suggest under the “freelance” category, my own site: It has better protections than Elance (100% free money back guarantees) and the same timecard monitoring as oDesk but is cheaper by 10-35%:

    Ian Ippolito

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  43. Hi Steve!

    Great job done! I enjoyed reading your post.
    Are you aware of Please take a look, it might be one more option to Sendgrid and Postmark in your list.


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  44. Great compendium Steve! Thank you. One tool that I have found useful for UML diagram is Very easy to use and share. I am not associated with the company.


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  45. Great list Steve. I’d like to add as a community for founders.

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  46. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for adding my ipod, ipad and web wireframe template post to your list. Glad you and everyone else found it useful. Your list is a great reference by the way.

    Keep up the good work!

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  47. Awesome summary of pretty important stuff. There is no reason to discard ideas anymore

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  48. Hi Steve,

    Fantastic list of resources. We would be truly flattered if you could add Zoomerang Online Surveys & Polls to your list of survey tools. (Free basic version, surveys & polls, 150+ templates to customize and send in minutes)

    Thank you!

    All the best,

    Jason Miller

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  49. […] Steve Blank is quickly becoming one of my very favorite writers/speakers on entrepreneurship. Everything he writes seems like it is a “must read”. His blog has a list of all kinds of wonderful tools for start-ups and such. His Twitter account is a must follow @SgBlank too. Check out the list of tools though HERE. […]

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  50. bookmarked this page months ago, and have referenced it at least a dozen times. great resource.

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  51. This is a great resource which I have shared with our users, many of whom are progressive startups with a frugal mindset.

    I would love to see Assistly included on this list under the category of Customer Support. We are a featured Google App Marketplace company, and believe passionately in putting the customer at the center of the business.

    Thanks again for a great resource. This is one of those posts where you say to yourself: Why didn’t I think of doing this?

    Best, Alyson Stone, Assistly Team

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  52. What are the best online resources (blogs, articles, etc.) on startups and entrepreneurship?…

    Steve Blank’s blog has been mentioned twice but I think it’s worthwhile to highlight this specific post where he has a very robust list of services (best analytics tools, best survey tools, boiler plate venture docs, usability testing services, etc) …

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  53. Great ressource. Many of the tools I’ve never heard of, but I’ll check a few.
    My ultimate tool I can’t live without: dropbox – it’s the best.
    For freelancers and people looking for freelancers I would like to recommend twago (disclaimer: I work there):

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  54. […] you need to create a business model hypotheses and to test it.  Combined with the start-up resources links on Steve’s site you are on your way to getting your venture off the […]

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  55. I’d also recommend smartQ for visual task management:

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  56. Thanks for a great list!
    Do you know TeamLab?
    It is a web based project management and collaboration system. As distinct from similar solutions, TeamLab offers all the features for free with no limits – a very solid argument for most of start-ups and enterpreneurs.

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  57. […] further along in the information you’ll need to build your business plan. Steve Blank lists some great tools for startups that will help you in this […]

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  58. That’s a really good list. Very helpful and worth taking time to go through most of them. Thanks for a Great Post.

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  59. Stumbled on your page by serendipity. I sold to you & PR function back in the day (SuperMac) and others to the many companies dating back, but finally E.piphany ~ MediaMap (now is Cision). Amazing list. The best part though is the tenacity link. Nothing really compares with that, does it? All the best!

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  60. You. Are. Something. How on earth did you remember? You’ve got everyone who ever breathed in that database. Yep, C’est moi.

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  61. Impressive list, but missing a key ingredient: Sales management tools. I think actually actively selling your stuff is very important for a startup these days. No-brainer for B2B companies but also for B2C companies (making special advertising deals for example)

    Liked by 1 person

  62. Hi Steve,

    Really enjoy your book and blog – thanks for your insights. I have a question though, how do you suggest moving through the customer development process when you are developing a product that you want to keep under wraps until its release (and thus maintain your market advantage)? My R&D company has a product in the works that we plan to sell to an existing customer base – but I’m challenged by how we engage these customers in the early design phases without letting the cat of the bag!

    Thanks in advance for your insights —

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  63. Great list some “must have tools” for any strartup. I also highly recommend for project management its fantastic for collaborating on ideas, bug tracking, feature requests and much more, I’ve tried a lot but it’s my favorite, very flexible and easy to customize. Good luck with your startups!

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  64. Hi Steve,
    We’d like to contribute to your list by adding our free invoicing application

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  65. […] sprang på en bra lista med projektledningsverktyg (och en hel del andra användbara länkar) som jag tänkte dela med mig […]

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  66. […] Our team is following Steve Blank’s Customer Development methodology, which is rooted on startups “getting out of the building,” talking to customers and using that feedback to develop and refine their product.  (For those who would like to learn more, Steve Blank has a helpful podcast called “Customer Development for Startups” and a blog.)  […]

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  67. Is this list monthly updated ? some stuff seems old

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rob,

      This list is one I started for my students trying to figure out what tools to use.
      I’m always happy to get updates. Let me know what “stuff” is old, and I’ll update it.


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  68. […] trials to a dozen some-odd tools that help you kick ass all over the place. Steve Blank has a pretty good list, but definitely include KissMetrics and KissInsights, Google Analytics (free) and Apps (not as […]

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  69. At Unboxed Consulting we use, a SAAS accounting package and, an open-source Ruby-on-Rails CRM solution. Both are great for those first 1000 customers.

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  70. […] a read.  Blank also has a ton of great links to tools for startups on his […]

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  71. I would recommend My eStore App ( ) it let’s new startup’s add ecommerce directly on your site for free and set up only takes 5 minutes. No coding required; works similar to google analytics.

    Check it out.

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  72. Hi Steve,

    I looked around but couldn’t find a good way to contact you. I work for Experience In Software, a small Berkeley-based company that’s been producing acclaimed business software since 1983. (Perhaps you’re familiar with Project KickStart?)

    Yesterday we launched a brand-new project management application called Webplanner. I’m sure you’re very busy, but I wanted to invite you to give it a try. We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts:

    Thanks for your time.

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  73. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the collection. Its an awesome list. Really appreciating the work you’re putting in here. For inspiration you can include, and also IncomeDiary from Michael Dunlop. There is also a new blog from Zak Taylor,, keep you’re eye on it, its a blog for online entrepreneurs.

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  74. […] trials to a dozen some-odd tools that help you kick ass all over the place. Steve Blank has a pretty good list, but definitely include KissMetrics and KissInsights, Google Analytics (free) and Apps (not as […]

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  75. […] and portfolio; watch out for linking scams. If you're interested in taking on some of it yourself, Startup Tools Great list of tools, articles, basically everything you need to get started. Goodluck! […]

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  76. What a fantastic list of resources, thanks!

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  77. Steve, I’ve been volunteering as an organizer of a Meetup which helps match Co-Founders. It started really small in Rockville, MD about 9 months ago, and people have been asking us to do more and grow into other nearby cities. Would you consider adding this under Groups and Incubator List

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  78. Awesome compilation, Steve. I didn’t see anything about “the exit” so I’m including a link to a deck I made awhile back that was pretty well received (over 5k views on Slideshare):

    And while we’re in shameless self-promotion mode, here’s a blog post called “Hacking Angel List” that had some legs (, as well as another on startup valuation ranges (

    Let me know if any of that stuff is accretive to your compendium here.

    In other news, I’m working building on a collection of “exit hacks” (tips, techniques for maximizing value)…would you want to share a few nuggets and lessons learned? Want to do an interview?

    thanks, Nathan Beckord

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  79. You know this is one of the most extensive lists I have seen for anyone in the internet business. Really appreciate your hard work here.

    I really do not think you have missed a site here that is relevant. Being and electrical engineer it was great to see Digikey and Sparkfun on their :-). Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  80. […] Steve Blank is quickly becoming one of my very favorite writers/speakers on entrepreneurship. Everything he writes seems like it is a “must read”. His blog has a list of all kinds of wonderful tools for start-ups and such. His Twitter account is a must follow @SgBlank too. Check out the list of tools though HERE. […]

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  81. […] of the tools that we’re actively using (and some of the others we evaluated). There are the tools and blogs listed by Steve Blank that include […]

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  82. Hi Steve,
    It was nice to meet you last week in Tallinn. I would suggest 2 useful tools built by Estonian startups: – simplest and most beautiful website creation tool – simple and easy time tracking tool


  83. […] Tools and technologies that you can use for rapid prototyping By yuri On September 20, 2011 · Leave a Comment Tweet Hello Accelerators, After pivoting and changing your idea in the last 2 weeks, now is the time to focus all your efforts towards you Minimal Viable Product. We have 4 weeks left till the Demo Day on October 16th. We are here to help you to succeed both on the Business Model side and the technology side. Most of the teams were assigned to a mentor that will lead them till the Demo day and make sure that you are on the right track in terms of the business model and that you are focused and know what do you want to implement for initial launch. We are going to be very strict and make sure that each of the teams will have live products. Remember that the faster you get live the faster you will get feedback from your customers and pivot if necessary. As a result, we will allow teams with live products only to present to a panel of investors. In order to be ready for the final you will have to prototype your MVP (Focus on the key feature that will make your customer to come back and use your product again), launch it, market it to your target customers, define metrics, collect metrics and statistics, analyze the metrics and refine your pitch deck (we will provide a template that you will need to fill), show traction to panel of investors. Remember that the panel of investors are looking at team cohesiveness, previous experience, ability to execute, show traction, social proof, business model and your target market. As most of you already started creating wireframes and the coding efforts I strongly recommend to use these tools and services: One of the complete sources of tools for startups is shown by Steve Blank in his blog post […]


  84. There seems to be tremendous response to such startup tools lists, both here and in the lists linked at the top of the page. The reputation of the source recommending the tools obviously has a lot to do with it. Would there be any interest in organizing this in some sort of community curated directory? Tools might make the list based on some entry criteria: e.g. two or more sources that have used or read them recommend they get mentioned. Some benefits are that it would be searchable and discussions / testimonials could be organized around each recommendation, helping potential users/readers to get a better idea of what to expect. There is a LOT to select from here, so the community could help make the selection process smoother.


  85. I use Priority Matrix, an app for iOS and Mac that helps you focus on important stuff and get the most out of your little time.

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  86. Another nice project management tool is TaskPoint, it hosted fork of Redmine and includes really nice communication features missing in Redmine and Chilliproject

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  87. […] first attempt at helping students answer these questions was by putting together the Startup Tools Page – a compilation of available web development tools. While it was a handy reference, it still […]

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  88. […] first attempt at helping students answer these questions was by putting together the Startup Tools Page – a compilation of available web development tools. While it was a handy reference, it still […]


  89. Hi Steve,

    If your readers doing really basic UX flows or mockups, my application SimpleDiagrams might be helpful!

    Daniel McQuillen


  90. One other new addition is the blog writing service Blogmutt. “We work like a dog to fill up your blog!”

    This is a service for companies with a site and a blog that is always the last thing that gets done, and it ends up being weeks and months between posts. For a low, flat fee Blogmutt uses a crowd of writers to create all-original posts.


  91. […] more about funding by reading Steve Blank, author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany, offers amazing tools, books, and other resources to […]

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  92. What a fantastic list of resources! Thanks Steve for taking the time to put all of these tools into one place. Your readers might also be interested in which is a new customer review site that enables business to integrate their feedback directly into their web pages.

    They offer a free 30 day trial for new users and the Lite package is free.

    I hope this helps!



  93. Steve:
    You’re my new hero!
    This list is filled with amazing goodies and is a real reflection.
    I’m a big fan of your SV history lecture. My dad, a history buff, was copilot in a B24 over the last 6 ms of WWII. This shed new light on what they were up against. He would have loved this too.
    The link on tenacity is so real and sweet…. a heartbreaker. TYVM.

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  94. Great list of websites some of the links were really helpful.

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  95. Hi Steve,

    Great list of resources here!

    As an additional resource for “Billing/Subscription Management/E-Store”, I thought your readers would be interested in Plimus. We offer a global e-Commerce platform for sellers and affiliates who sell digital goods and services online.

    Our platform supports several subscription models (from different trials to dynamic subscriptions) and has all the tools needed to help manage them.

    Our site is: (and it’s free to sign up).


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  96. Great list.

    How about website backup tools:

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  97. […] guide for a lean development of a minimum viable product, and provides a very helpful set of startup tools that span from business model development frameworks, to SEO and analytics tutorials.  If you […]

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  98. Hi, Steve,

    Thanks for the collection. Its an awesome list. Really appreciating the work you’re putting in here. Here I also recommend another online project schedule tool-TABB. Maybe you can review and add it into your list.

    Liked by 2 people

  99. Hi Steve,

    Thanks a bunch for your impressive list of great resources for entrepreneurs. Let me recommend an addition to the Web analytics tools:

    Mouseflow ( performs analytics comparable to clicktale but at a fraction of the cost. Give it a try!

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  100. Business plan and financial tool:

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  101. Hi Steve,

    Great list. Thanks a lot for all the hard work in listing all this information.

    Found one typo:

    The URL link to Thomas in “Marketing Research > Market Research Resources Online” is wrong, its pointing to It should point to


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  102. Great set of startup tools Steve.
    I’ve been referring to the list for quite some time now to build my own company, and waiting for the time we are ready to shamelessly suggest our own product – JobPage –

    We provide many of the benefits of Recruiterbox and the Resumator, but we specialise in tech and marketing recruitment only. Our platform also pro-actively seeks out suitable candidates before they’ve even applied to one of our jobs.


  103. […] build massive systems in-house. Before you do it, look into third-party apps (here’s the mother load from Steve Blank) and talk to other entrepreneurs to see if they can help. Otherwise it’s a waste […]

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  104. Incredible list for entrepreneurs.

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  105. Steve- this is great, thanks!
    Having recently dived into the game myself, I’d add 2 very useful tools to the list to build up a user base before even launching the product:
    launchrock, and kickofflabs, that both help sign users up in anticipation of the launch date.

    Useful for Apps and more.


  106. Hi Steve,

    Would like to share about, we are a Crowdsourced Software testing platform. We help software developers in functionality testing of their applications.


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  107. Hey Steve – this is a brilliant list that I find myself coming back to time and again when tasked with, “Hey – Nick, find us a vendor for X.” It’s an easy way to get a who’s-who in each of these verticals, and we’ve been pretty happy with the vendors we’ve found (MailChimp,, ClickTale, countless others).

    I use this frequently enough that I think it would be terrific if you would consider our business for this list – FreedomVoice ( We’ve been in business since 1996, providing small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with 800 numbers and virtual phone service. We’ve recently branched into hosted VoIP telephony as well (, a natural extension for growing businesses.

    Maybe we could find a home under the “Misc Office Help” area – alongside vendors like Grasshopper or RingCentral?

    Either way, my shame all-but-expunged, I just want to thank you for this is a ridiculously extensive, valuable, and constantly fresh list.

    Go Bears.

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  108. @Steve
    This page should be retitled, “One Step to the Epiphany”. What an amazingly broad set of start-up tools and resources!

    Thank you for this page as well as placing your lecture materials online.

    Best wishes,

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  109. A couple more tools to suggest:

    StatsMix – easy tracking, charting and sharing of internal application and business metrics

    SurveyGizmo – free basic version, extremely powerful survey creation and data integration tools

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  110. Argh, forgot to include the urls!

    StatsMix –
    SurveyGizmo –

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  111. @Steve
    The link of SpyFu isn’t right.

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  112. Appreciate your mentioning of freshdesk here but (besides the typo) calling it a zendesk clone sends wrong signal. The authority that you carry has the power to make a lie ^sound like a fact^.

    > Steve Blank calls it a clone, so it must be a clone.

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  113. Hi Steve,
    I read the french translation of your book “the 4 steps to epiphanie”.
    The content appeared to me of great value for companies willing to put on the market successfull new products.
    Nevertheless the french translation is very poor and appears offently as coming directly from a translating machine without necessary corrections or interpretations. This should make the content difficult to digest for non expertised persons.
    Best regards and congratulations for your expertise.


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  114. Steve, here is a nomination for a Startup tool > 10Screens, a _free_ online prototyping and collaboration tool (“PowerPoint for prototyping”). Request you to include under “Wireframing tools” list.

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  115. Hi Steve,

    I’ve used this list as a reference for some time – thanks for curating it!

    I thought you might want to check out – its what TechCrunch called a “Virtual Accelerator” and a “real viable alternative to current startup accelerators”. I thought you might want to include it in your list above – and would love to collaborate with you on building a “play”.

    Thanks for the list, and all the great content.

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  116. Hi Steve,

    Brilliant list!

    I might humbly put forward as a tool for recruiting people and finding freelancers.

    Thanks again,


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  117. Another great tool is Blogmutt, a crowd-sourced blog writing service.

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  118. If anyone is interested in infographics as a tool for entrepreneur, may I add to the list? Looking forward to your feedback!


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  119. […] that I think are greatly improving the planning process.  The Lean Startup methodology, along with Steve Blank’s concepts in customer development, can change the game in how company’s get started.  Yes, the […]

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  120. Wow, Steve! Raising a family — what a delightful way to represent the tenacity and courage it takes to raise a business.

    I snatched the list the first time well over a year ago and found it in my Evernote collection this afternoon when I went hunting for tools. My eyes popped! I’d not appreciated it the first time.

    This time, I found your timelapse treasure as a special reward for looking carefully. Wow, I hope you’ll have a moment to peruse these comments occasionally and you’ll find this thank you in return.

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    • Your welcome. Seek and ye shall find!

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      • Hi Steve,

        Wonderful resource.

        I’m currently in the SF bay area traveling and I’d like to buy a copy of the startup owners manual but I can’t find a store that carries it. Can you tell me where to buy a copy? I can’t do the online ordering because I’m traveling for several months.


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  121. Hi Steve! Really nice list! Definitely bookmarking this one 🙂

    By the way, could you include Keynotopia under Wireframing tools? It’s a rapid wireframing + high fidelity (pixel perfect) prototyping tool that’s been very popular among start-ups 🙂 In fact we even had one of our users win StartUp week-end using it that thanked us for the help 🙂

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


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  122. […] Toolkit: Some of the tools that will help you to quickly get your startup off the ground. Steve Blank’s Startup Tools is extremely useful as well. You can also check out this cool […]

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  123. Excellent resources Steve, entrepreneurs will find this very helpful. I also bookmark this one on delicious. I believe that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you will need the right online tools and resources that can help you run your business smoothly and hassle free to progress. With these tools it can help you manage your business effectively and efficiently. You can also check this for more alternative tools that are very useful for entrepreneur to use. ( Using these tools it can help you improve collaboration, project management and team communication.

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  124. […] *You need gear, gadgets, software. (But see above: they’d better be cheap or ones you invent). Happily the webby world is here to serve you, starting with loads of open source software. Some of the best apps are almost free: Thank you, Heroku, MailChimp, Dropbox, Balsamiq, Googledocs, Rondee, Facebook, SurveyMonkey and all the other snazzy tools Stanford prof Steve Blank mentions here. […]

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  125. […] Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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  126. Hi Steve!

    You help startups a lot by making this list of definitely useful tools.

    If it’s still open please consider to add our startup which provides the easiest way to add referral program to any website and allows to reward users for spreading the word through the most popular social networks.


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  127. […] more about funding by reading Steve Blank, author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany, offers amazing tools, books, and other resources to startups. Our next blog will explore angel investors more deeply. […]

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  128. Hi Steve,

    Great advice for startups. One tool that can be a great benefit to growing startups is .They provide great email marketing tools and they are very cost effective.


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  129. […] en las nuevas teorias de administracion para startups, escribio recientemente un libro llamado “Startup Owner´s Manual” que considero esta destinado a volverse una referencia obligada para cualquier persona interesada […]

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  130. @Steve
    Add Formassembly for survey tools –
    They have unlimited form creation and responses in their free plan. All the companies currently listed have a limit on # of forms or responses with their free/basic plans.

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  131. […] and is fairly technical, but is an essential resource for anyone looking to launch a startup. His personal website is also full of great […]

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  132. It’s really helpful! I wish i had a teacher like you.. I suggest you put in the list about freelance help! I find it very helpful, and easy to use!

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  133. Hi Steve,
    It’s a really helpfull list!
    I highly recomend you to add MOOVIA on your Project Management list. Moovia is a free business network for team collaboration and project management.

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  134. As far as I can see, the survey sites are all American. As usual.

    Let me just throw in a European survey website in just in case any other people are looking for a site that complies with the Data Protection Act rather than a mixture of laws combined.

    They’re not too assimilar to Survey Monkey, except they’re UK based and slightly more user friendly.

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  135. Hey Steve, that’s a pretty comprehensive list of tools. I would suggest another great customer support tool, HappyFox. Its visual appeal, sophisticated design, impressive organizational capabilities and intuitive interface make it a standout tool. Give it a shot!

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  136. if anybody want to be a successful entrepreneur then he will need the right online tools and resources that can help you run his business smoothly and hassle free to progress.with that kind of tools one can easily managed the resources and business both effectively.Excellent resources Steve, entrepreneurs will find this very helpful.great work from your side done. i got so much information from your blog.Again thanks steve

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  137. Such a huge list!! – I’d recommend checking out OneDesk for project management , help desk and collaboration needs –

    it’s an all-in-one unified solution for the entire process from ideation right through to delivery and support, aimed at keeping the whole team on the same page and placing as few barriers as possible between the flow of information between them.

    Thanks for such a great resource Steve!

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  138. Another freelance outsourcing site for small

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  139. Hey Steve,
    That’s a pretty comprehensive list of tools. I would suggest another great customer support tool,
    HappyFox. Its visual appeal, sophisticated design, impressive organizational capabilities and intuitive interface make it a standout tool. Give it a shot!

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  140. Excellent. Thank for all the resources. We are always looking for good market research sources at our firm we have recently found a good resource as well.

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  141. Hello Steve,
    Extremely useful and comprehensive list, it covers almost everything, thanks ..

    I would recommend adding to the list.

    Agile/scrum tool make the team happy and productive.

    It was extremely use to attend all your sessions on September 5-9 2011 in Helsinki

    Regards from Helsinki

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  142. Google Analytics is great for managing your website both when starting your business, and further down the line too. Bing have just launched some amazing new stuff for their analytics though – it kicks Google Analytics into touch.

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  143. – I guess steve have missed this tool !!!

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  144. […] have to spend money on IT. Take a look at the kind of tools that are available to a startup today: and . Any IT department would love to […]

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  145. Hi Steve,
    I couldn’t find a good way to contact you. May I suggest adding to “Misc Office Help” section. The site is a repository of free office templates distributed under Creative Commons.

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  146. […] Blank的博客给了我们很多的启发,尤其是他所做的“Startup Tools For Entrepreneurs”,我们试着做一份中国版的“互联网创业工具库Startup […]

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  147. […] Blank的博客给了我们很多的启发,尤其是他所做的“Startup Tools For Entrepreneurs”,我们试着做一份中国版的“互联网创业工具库Startup […]

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  148. Wow! This list is amazing – it just goes on and on.

    I was looking for some good tips for my own start-up and then realized that you be interested in adding it to the ‘Website Design Tools’. It could be useful for people, especially at the very early stages of getting a holding page up.

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  149. […] And if you are looking for some tools to learn how to do a start up, Steve offers a few here. […]

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  150. […] Blank的博客给了我们很多的启发,尤其是他所做的“Startup Tools For Entrepreneurs”,我们试着做一份中国版的“互联网创业工具库Startup […]


  151. […] 3) Startup Tools by Steve Blank – Boom! This site has the works. Everything you ever wanted to know about building an internet business including website setup, SEO tools, CRMs, wireframing tools and so much more! […]

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  152. Steve,

    Would appreciate it if you can add to the email blasting and surveys section.



  153. Hey Steve,

    On August 1, 2012, Website Optimizer will no longer be available as a standalone product.

    Just a heads up if you want to remove that from your list.

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  154. Hey Steve,

    Great list. Have bookmarked it for future use. Was wondering if you could add AppFirst to the Cloud Services and Tools list? They provide real-time monitoring and management for your cloud servers.

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  155. Fantastic list. Good addition to “4 steps to epiphany” and the blog. Steve, how can I ask you to add Quote Roller on it?

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  156. Hi Steve,

    We’ve referred to your list often in our efforts to launch and grow QAOnDemand. We provide startups with an easy and inexpensive solution for software QA testing and would appreciate if you’d add to your website/browser testing section.


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  157. Under E-Store software, one of the more impressive programs is Pinnacle Cart from a feature set standpoint. It is pretty comparable to Volusion. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to check out an extended demo.

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  158. This is honestly one of the most complete and comprehensive list of startup tools I have ever seen. The only part that threw me off was in reference to the web hosting/cloud services portions. I would imagine that most developers already have a rock solid foundation in regard to what web hosting is and who they should be using.

    That being said, if the target reader for those links is someone who simply needs a business website up ASAP, I think the links could be slightly improved upon. Most importantly the website setup/tutorial and the web hosting tutorial links.

    I created a site to address this need, which you can find at

    My goal with the site is to make it incredibly simple for a new business owner to put up a high quality site in less than hour with absolutely no amount of coding knowledge. It is still a work in progress, and feedback is of course welcome.

    Steve, please let me know if there is anything I can do to make my website worthy of your resources page. And please keep blogging!! Your blog posts are by far the most well written and inspiring of any entrepreneurial blogger.

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  159. Steve,

    In the “Custom Machine Shops” section, take a look at and

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  160. Hi Steve,

    Awesome list of tools here. Please consider adding Swift-Kanban ( to the list of Project Management and collaboration tools. Designed and built under guidance from David J Anderson, father of the Kanban Method for software, it is being widely considered one of the top Kanban tools.

    Mahesh Singh
    Co-founder, Digite, Inc.

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  161. […] If you are an entrepreneur, this is the most important link you’ll see today. A comprehensive list of startup resources. ( […]

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  162. I would like to suggest an ebook in portuguese with visual tools to inspire new strategies –

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  163. Hi,

    I suggest Breeze (, it’s a simple tool for agile project management.
    Based on lean and agile principles (Kanban, Scrum). It’s kind a hybrid between Trello and Basecamp but adds more functionality that suites consultants and small businesses, mainly time tracking and reporting.


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  164. Hey Steve,

    I suggest TeamPulse ( for agile project management – both with scrum and kanban.
    It has cross-project reporting and very nice tracking.

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  165. Hi Steve,
    it seems that Google has launched some really cool service for surveys. It’s not listed here, so probably you missed that. Google Consumer Surveys


  166. This is just a terrific list of tools and resources, wonder how much effort was put into it, kudos.

    I’d love to recommend one of my favorites, ClickDesk – for live chat and helpdesk to be added to customer support/feedback list.

    And, of course I love the likes of Mailchimp, Dropbox and Basecamp already on the list. You could also add Workflowy for project management and to-do lists.

    Cheers and thanks again for the list!

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  167. Wow !!!

    Huge list of tools and resources !!! 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing that information.

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  168. What is a comprehensive list of fast web tools to get your startup online?…

    Steve Blank, the author of “The Four Steps To Epiphany” has an enormous pool of web tools for startups compiled in his blog. It has everything from Web Analytics tools to Customer Development tools. You can check out his blog by clicking on the link …


  169. what am amazing collection of links and tools!!!

    well done Steve.


  170. The tools and information available at your site is really useful. I hope you keep us updated with more such information in future.


  171. Hi Steve, we create an iPad app that helps with the Business Model, you could use the Business Model or the Lean Canvas, and iterate. In the next versions we will include a lot of the Costumer Validation to it.

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  172. Steve, great post! For those in need of a scalable content creation solution, I co-founded I also wrote this for Techcrunch recently, so wanted to pass it along (advice on raising seed capital from a founder’s perspective): Great article – going to dig into some of these resources now!

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  173. Thanks for such a comprehensive list!

    I’m the creator of – a Snippet site for Bootstrap users, there’s a growing collection of design elements ready to be copy/pasted into your application, free of charge.

    Would be great if you could add my resource under Twitter Bootstrap.

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  174. Awesome list! We use to monitor all our marketing channels and business data in one place. It’s a great tool!


  175. Checkout incredible tool for sharing investment pitch with investor, which helps you share not only numbers slide but also your personality and passion.

    Would love to get this added above.


  176. A quick bug: cappucino isn’t a rails deployment tool – that’s Capistrano. Cappucino is a JS development framework.

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  177. Circle ( is a continous integration and deployment service – would love to be listed in the “development tools” section. Thanks!

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  178. Hi Steve,

    Would it be possible to add EffortlessHR to the Misc Office Help section. It is a web-based HR system aimed at small businesses and start-ups.