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In Prague for the last three days and heading to Berlin tonight.  Had an impromptu meet up with the local Prague entreprenuerial community. Smart group. It just reminds me that the worldwide democratization of entreprenuership is real. However, as in many other countries the lack of local “risk capital”, startup business expertise, infrasturcture and startup culture, forces most of the Czech startups to leave and head to Silicon Valley.

Warning very large (>20mb) files below. Click only for a panorama.

Charles Bridge over the Vltava River.

I saw two of the most beautiful libraries ever in the Starhov Monastery in Prague.

Theological Hall Strahov Monastery.

Now the question is – can I add one of them onto the ranch?

Philosophical Hall Strahov Monastery.

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  1. Steve, your next vacations should be in Croatia and Adriatic sea! Best regards!

  2. Steve: was in Czech Republic last summer on vacation and had same impressions of vitality. CR now a regular attendee at the International BIO Convention, just concluded in Boston, where they promote their life science cluster development efforts. Cool place, want to return there on a professional basis. Would love your ideas!

  3. Just clarification: “forces most of the Czech startups to leave and head to Silicon Valley” is definitelly not true. Only very little number of czech startups (<10%) leaves to Silicon Valley. Most stay here. If you have other information please share your stats.

    • Based on the scientific sample of the entrepreneurs drinking beer and having dinner with me at Lokal after our meet up who said they wanted to build a global startup.

    • I definitely agree on the fact that most startups stay in the Czech Republic. The reason is very simple. They rarely reach a product/market fit on a global scale. Among the lack of local “risk capital”, startup business expertise, infrastructure and startup culture like Steve mentioned, I see the lack of business expertise as the biggest issue here.

      Building a global startup from Europe is a statistical exception and nothing more than a wishful thinking. Why would a founder wanting to build a global startup stay in the Czech Republic and thus lowering his or her chances of success?

      • “Why would a founder wanting to build a global startup stay in the Czech Republic and thus lowering his or her chances of success?”

        Well, if you compare
        A) Czech founders who stayed in Czech Republic and build a globally successful IT company.
        B) Czech founders who left to Silicon Valley and build a global successfull IT company.

        There are more examples of A than B (at least what I know).

  4. Hi Steve, care for a coffee when you’re in Berlin? If you’re interested in Berlin’s startup eco-system, I could help…

  5. In Berlin you should meet Prof. Günter Faltin. He is on of Europe’s leading thinkers on entrepreneur. A meeting could be arranged.


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  7. If my wife ever asks for birthday present ideas for me, hint that a Philosophical Hall would be of interest…

    Your business model canvas/market validation presentation is outstanding and of great use to at least one team outside of your direct reach.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your yesterday’s time in Prague which you dedicated despite your holidays. Talking to you over a beer after reading your blog and books for last 2 years was like having a party with Mick Jagger 🙂 … enjoy the rest of your european tour! Petr

  9. Hi Steve, lovely city and country . For me is a great moment of menory
    I visited it when I was a teenager two weeks beefore the russian invasion in ’68 .Thanks for all ! Regards . Stephane .

  10. The lack of local resources is a death sentence for most entreprenuers. I can see why you would say that most of them head for the Silicon Valley.

  11. I’m going to Prague next week. Hope to visit Strahov Monastery. And one question. Did you taste the homemade beer in old town?

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