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Lean LaunchPad Discovery and Educator Videos

Launchpad Video clips created to date and sorted by topic:

TC Teaching Critigues
SL Student Learning
CD Customer Discovery series
UCB UC Berkeley LaunchPad Spring ’13 series
UCSF UCSF Life Science & Healthcare Launchpad Fall ‘2013 series


General Discussion

  1. How Large Will You Scale? (03:03) TC UCB
  2. What If You’re a Visionary? – Risks & Rewards (4:53) SL UCSF
  3. Your Startup: Do You Want to Spend 3 to 4 Years Doing This? (5:14) TC UCSF
  4. Don’t Let the MVP Limit Your Vision (03:40) TC UCB

Customer Discovery

  1. “It Saved Us Several Years” (1:45) SL UCSF
  2. Stop Telling Yourself What You Want to Believe (1.39) SL UCSF
  3. Narrowing the Focus (1:21) SL UCSF
  4. Why PI’s and Founders Need to Get Out of the Building (2:15) SL UCSF
  5. “This Was the Best Outcome” (2:50) SL UCSF
  6. Getting to the “Better Idea” Faster (3:59) SL UCSF
  7. Insights on: Does Customer Development Work in Therapeutics? (6:11) UCSF
  8. The Phases of Customer Discovery (0:37) CD

Before Leaving the Building

  1. Pre-Planning Contacts (4:34) CD
  2. Customer Interview Dry Runs (0:49) CD
  3. Discovery is for Founders (1:30) CD
  4. Pass/Fail Experiments (1:32) CD

Outside the Building

  • Rules of Customer Interviews
  1. Being Aggressive (1:29) CD
  2. Conducting a Customer Interview (1:30) CD
  3. Letting the Customer Interview Flow (1:37) CD
  4. Sizing the Opportunity (2:50) CD
  5. Finding Patterns (1:50) CD
  6. Looking for Insights (0:58) CD
  • Early Mistakes to Avoid
  1. Death by PowerPoint (1:42) CD
  2. Death by Demo 1 (2:18) CD
  3. Death by Demo 2 (1:45) CD
  4. Understanding the Problem (3:22) CD
  5. Multi-Person Interview (2:03) CD
  6. Assuming You Know (1:56) CD
  7. B-to-B to C (2:15) CD
  8. Existing vs. New Markets (5:29) CD
  9. Asking the Right Question (2:37) CD
  10. Public Interviews (2:11) CD

Understanding What the Customer Is Telling You

  1. Engaging the Customer (3:37) CD
  2. Customer Empathy (2:25) CD
  3. The Distracted Customer (3:12) CD
  4. Customers Lie (2:37)
  5. The User, the Buyer & the Saboteur (2:24) CD

Back in the Building

  1. Extracting Insight from Data (2:59) CD
  2. Pay Attention to Outliers (2:16) CD
  3. Getting the MVP Right (3:34) CD
  4. The “Other 85%” (2:32) CD
  5. Finding Early Evangelists (1:17) CD
  6. Communicating Your Discoveries (2:26) CD

Value Proposition

  1. Pivoting…or Groping for a Business Model? (02:37) TC UCB
  2. Seduced by Insufficient Data (02:34) TC UCB

Customer Relationships

  1. Insights on: Customer Relationships – Week 4 (12:00) UCSF
  2. Use Customers to Find More Customers (02:22) TC UCB
  3. Customer Conversion (03:22) TC UCB

Customer Segments

  1. Insights on: Customer Segments – Week 2 (12:43) UCSF
  2. Estimating Market Size (01:49) SL UCB
  3. Customer Workflow (02:10) SL UCB
  4. Customer Discovery / Customer Archetype (04:04) SL UCB
  5. Customer Archetypes; Hypotheses & Experiments (03:21) SL UCB
  6. Customer Segments & Customer Archetypes (03:47) SL UCB
  7. The Fog of Entrepreneurship (03:01) TC UCB
  8. At the Start, All Your Stakeholders Are Customers (02:32) TC UCB
  9. Square Pegs & Round Holes – Mira Medicine (4:33) TC UCSF


  1. Insights on: Channels – Week 3 (14:52) UCSF
  2. Framing the Experiment (02:27) TC UCB
  3. Distribution Channels: One Data Point Is Not a Test (02:37) TC UCB

Revenue Streams

  1. Value Based Pricing – “We Were Gobsmacked!” (6:43) SL UCSF
  2. Insights on: Revenue Streams – Week 5 (17:04) UCSF
  3. The Importance of Experiments (03:57) TC UCB
  4. Validating Product Pricing (03:55) TC UCB

Key Partners

  1. Insights on: Key Partners – Week 6 (17:08) UCSF
  2. Listen Carefully for Customer Discovery (03:20) TC UCB
  3. The Timing of Partnerships (03:46) TC UCB

Key Activities & Key Resources

  1. Insights on: Science Advisory Boards (4:53) UCSF
  2. Insights on: Resources, Activities & Costs (12:26) UCSF
  3. No Laundry Lists. Just Facts! (02:43) TC UCB

Final Video

  1. Accelerated Medical Diagnostics: Final Video (2:41) SL UCSF
  2. Knox: Final Video (2:17) SL UCSF
  3. Magnamosis: Final Video (2:51) SL UCSF
  4. Making Friends: Final Video (2:19) SL UCSF
  5. Mira Medicine: Final Video (2:23) SL UCSF
  6. ResultCare: Final Video (3:08) SL UCSF
  7. Final Video (3:48) SL UCSF
  8. Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Video (8:34) SL UCSF

Final Presentations

  1. Knox: Final Presentation (8:33) SL UCSF
  2. Magnamosis: Final Presentation (10:19) SL UCSF
  3. Making Friends: Final Presentation (8:38) SL UCSF
  4. Mira Medicine: Final Presentation (9:26) SL UCSF
  5. ResultCare: Final Presentation (11:34) SL UCSF
  6. Final Presentation (16:45) SL UCSF
  7. Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Presentation (8:34) SL UCSF

“Getting Your Story Straight” – David Riemer on Storytelling

  1. Story Narrative and Product Narrative (10:24) UCSF
  2. Story & Storytelling (4:35) UCSF
  3. The Power of Story (10:24) UCSF
  4. Story Structure (10:24) UCSF
  5. The Main Character (9:27) UCSF
  6. The Main Conflict (6:13) UCSF
  7. Story Challenges & Solutions (2:03) UCSF
  8. Telling a Great Story (13:16) UCSF


Check out my YouTube Video Channel for additional videos

ESADE Business School Commencement Speech

text of the speech is here

Moneyball – The Investment Readiness Level

  • 1:25 What is Evidence-based Entrepreneurship?
  • 2:00 Startups are Not Smaller Versions of Large Companies
  • 3:19: What’s a Startup?
  • 3:36 Components of a Lean Startup
  • 6:00 The Lean Startup Class: The Lean LaunchPad
  • 11:00 Lean LaunchPad Educators class via
  • 11:31 Launchpad Central Software and instrumenting startups
  • 15:22 NASA and Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • 17:20 The Investment Readiness Level (IRL) for new ventures
  • 19:30 The Oakland A’s and Moneyball
  • 22:08 One More Thing – Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences
  • You can follow along with the slides here

Kauffman Founders School – Introduction

Kauffman Founders School – What We Know About Startups

Kauffman Founders School – Startups Versus Big Companies

Kauffman Founders School – The Lean Method

Kauffman Founders School – Building Your Startup

Kauffman Founders School – Pivot or Proceed

Kauffman Founders School – The Lean Method

Kauffman Founders School – Getting Out of the Building

Kauffman Founders School – Customer Development Data

Kauffman Founders School – Minimum Viable Product

Kauffman Founders School – Customer Acquisition and Archetype

Evidence-based Entrepreneurship & Moneyball @ Startup Grind New York

Forbes – Demo Days

Health Innovation Summit

How to Build a Lean Startup

Forbes – Corporate Innovation

University of Minnesota Commencement Speech – 2013

Lean for Mobile – DEMO Founder School

How to Build a Great Company – Commonwealth Club

Startup Management Tools

What Makes a Wise Entrepreneur?

Startup Grind 2013

George Zachary of CRV and Steve Blank at Startup Grind

George interviews me starting ~35:30

CNBC Squawk Box

Squawk Box

Stanford Business School Talk

Search Versus Execution

The Importance of Curiosity

Lean and VC Funding

Is Entrepreneurship a Young Persons Game?

The Importance of Teams

Entrepreneur Magazine

The Lean LaunchPad Class – Online

Highland Capital at the Ranch

This Week in Venture Capital w/Mark Suster

User Experience Research and Customer Development

National Governors Conference - part 1

National Governors Conference - part 2

5 Tips for Entreprenuers

Small Business Entreprenuership

Fireside Chat

Startups in Prague

Startups in the Netherlands

First minute in Dutch

Founders and Dysfunctional Families

How to Fail Less

Hubris, Passion and What it Takes to be a Great Entrepreneur

National Science Foundation on CNBC

South By Southwest – The Startup Owners Manual

GigaOm Interview Series

Startups are Not Small Versions of Large Companies

No Business Plan Survives First Contact With Customers

Steve Jobs and Customer Development

Amazon Web Services = 21st Century Electricity for Startups

Today’s Entrepreneurs

The Birth of Lean and Customer Development

Startup Grind Series

How to Fail Less

Entrepreneurs Are Artists

First Time Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley Culture

Entrepreneurs – The Hero With a Thousand Faces

“The Startup Owners Manual”: 5 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Origin and Future of Entrepreneurship

Startup Bootcamp Netherlands

Startup Weekend Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Stanford Graduate School of Business Talk

Stanford Customer Development Lectures

Part 1: Rethinking the Product Development Process

Part 2: Assessing Customer and Market Risk

Part 3: Customer Development Process

Part 4: The Customer Development Team

Part 5: Don’t Seek PR and Launch Too Soon

Part 6: Company Building

Part 7: Customer Discovery

Part 8: No VP’s

Part 9: Intimate Customer Understanding

Sales School – Hiring a Sales VP

Finland – 2011

SXSW Animated Presentation – 2012

Other Videos

Stanford STVP E-Corner Videos


Blog Posts via Clearshore

All my blog posts are available as Podcasts here
Radio Interviews 

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  3. [...] Slides/Video tab on the top of this page has all the open source course material for my classes. Specific [...]

  4. [...] The Slides/Video tab on my blog has all the open source course material for my classes.  Specific links are: [...]

  5. [...] Syllabi, My Lecture Slides and Student Presentations The Slides/Video tab on the top of this page has all the open source course materialfor my classes.  Specific [...]

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