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  1. I’ve only recently discovered your website, haven’t read any of your books, but *this* is the story I’d like to hear. How did your skills in sales and marketing and your ability to discover and validate customers run aground at Rocket Science?

    • Dan,
      I have a pile of those stories queued up for later this year.

      But the short answer: hubris.


  2. Here’s another fun layer to add to this story. The traffic problems caused by the Embarcadero Freeway may have been an embodiment of a Braess’s Paradox.


  3. Hello Steve. I’m hoping you have email alerts turned on, so you see it when someone comments on your blog. I’m writing to ask you about Rocket Jockey.

    (Your Twitter didn’t look overly active, so I figured this would be the best means of contact. The matter is “Rocket Science” related, and I didn’t want to clutter up newer posts…)

    I’ve long held Rocket Jockey in high regards. I’ve met (unfortunately) few others that knew it. Imagine my surprise and joy when an author on ArsTechnica.com recently highlighted it as a “Masterpiece” (http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/07/masterpiece-rocket-jockey-for-the-pc-1.ars ).

    Now he’s followed that up with an interview from Sean Callahan (http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/07/there-is-a-360-version-of-rocket-jockey-that-you-cant-play.ars ). A snippet from that:

    >>Sadly, unless you can track down an old packaged version of Rocket Jockey, there’s no legal way to play. “As far as I know, it’s never been legally available for download,” he said. “The problem is the rights are in limbo with Rocket Science Games. Nobody can obtain the rights because no legal entity exists to license them.”

    And that’s why I’m writing you. Is this correct? Are the rights literally unattainable? Was there no paperwork detailing who got the property of the company? If nothing else, surely the desks and chairs went somewhere, and without exceptions written into the legal documents, I assume the IP followed suit?

    I’m not writing you with a business proposition. I have nothing to sell you, and I certainly can’t afford to buy anything. But I’m writing you as a fan of the game, hoping you can help me find out where the rights lie, and determining if they can be freed up. This is a rabbit hole I’m willing to go pretty far down, so, if you’re able to help at all, I’d appreciate it.

    You can email me at my posted name, at gmail. I hope you can find the time to help me out in this little endeavor of mine.

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