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  1. Steve,

    I’m very happy to see that you are putting these thoughts up on a blog. There are some great lessons in your experiences here, and I feel like I can keep getting more in my post-MS&E273 life!


  2. Steve, I look forward to a similar backstory on E.piphany marketing!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great stories. Can’t wait to hear what you did next at SuperMac.

  4. I just came to this article from Hacker News(It’s not what you think, its a YCombinator comp). I have to say I found this post a really interesting and useful read. Please keep writing, you have found a new eager customer.

  5. Could you make a post on how to come up with the right questions for the survey? Clearly you have no problem doing this with your experience, but the rest of us could use a guide or some “rule of thumb” kind of thing.


  6. Wow, this reads almost verbatim like the story of what happened to me after my last startup was acquired by a public company in the valley and I became the VP of Marketing. Thanks for the memories (or not, as the case may be!) – but thanks for spreading the good marketing advice. The percentage of marketing departments to live in the ivory tower rather than get out to meet with customers has got to be staggeringly high.

  7. think for this big lessons, I’m working on launching my (hope!) startup. and now I made a prototype I’ms aying I have to really ask to users, not just send emails :)
    an article about how making questionary would be great!

  8. Steve,

    First I’ve got to thank you for getting out of the Mac Hard Drive business just as I was getting in…

    I love hearing these stories. Larry Benet posted a couple links on FaceBook that lead me here, I’m thanking him too.

    You have inspired me to put down in writing some of my time at CMS Enhancements, as the Apple Division Director there.

    I loved your piece about family and work balance, and my girls (now 28 & 25) still remember how we would tell them “We’re going out to dinner” and arriving at DisneyLand for that dinner, and a few rides. Surprises like that were good for all of us.

    Keep up the great content I look forward to more of your insights.


    We’ll have to trade war stories about MacWorld parties… Getting the VIP treatment from the magazines was always fun…

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